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The aim of this website is to provide those sincerely seeking ancient Wisdom and Occult Truth with FACTS.

A Message to all Visitors

A tremendous amount of very dangerous misinformation and fantasy is now being spewed forth by every Tom, Dick and Sally, eager to climb onto the occult bandwagon in search of fame, money, power and sex, and it all spells dire trouble for their followers. One of the reasons we launched this website nearly five years ago was to attempt to combat this tide of half-baked speculations, conspiracy theories and misconceptions about the Occult. MOST will pass us by once they see that we provide no glamour, fantasies, 'thrills' or 'shortcuts' to occult knowledge. That is their prerogative and we wish them well. For the FEW who stay and read our many articles and books, there is inspiration, comfort and nourishment a plenty for body, mind and spirit, as you can read in the many kind comments sent to us over the years.

The malice of Ignorance surroundeth all the Earth, and corrupteth the Soul, shut up in the Body, not suffering it to arrive at the Havens of Salvation. Hermes Trismegistus — 'The Divine Pymander'

Reading tips for new visitors

If you know little or nothing about the Occult, we suggest you start off by reading our brief note: Misconceptions about the Occult shown below and the information given on our About page. Then read and study the following three articles:

Occult FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Occult answered.

Why study Occult Science?

The benefits of studying occult science and how to go about it.

There is only One LIGHT

True and false occult teachings and how to tell one from the other.

When you have done so, read Astral Conversations. This series of articles in 12 parts has been written specifically for those who know little or nothing about the occult. The next steps are up to you. You can read the articles that most appeal to you listed below and/or read the books we have published. Unless stated otherwise, all our articles are listed in order of publication: newest first. You can also search for specific topics that you want more information about by using our Search Engine. To search more effectively please see the 'SEARCH TIPS' in the sidebar on our search page

Misconceptions about the Occult

THE Occult is not what most people think it is. Not one person in ten million or one 'occultist' in a thousand has the slightest idea of what the Occult really is. You may think this is an exaggeration; we assure you it is not. Moreover, if you read even a fraction of the articles we have published you will agree with our statement. The first misconception we aim to correct is that the Occult is 'evil'. It is not, neither is it 'anti-religion'. Nor has it anything to do with black magic or witchcraft. Nor do we promote such subjects in any of our articles. What we do promote are the teachings of the Wise philosophers and spiritual Masters of the past and present, none of which can conflict in any way with the highest ideals of any religion. More than one religious visitor to this website has been shocked to find articles about God and the hidden wisdom in the Bible here. This is not surprising considering that the word 'occult' is nowadays mostly associated with all that is evil. But all the word really means is 'hidden'. It is in this correct sense that the word is used by doctors to describe blood that is not visibly apparent. The same definition applies to the occult mysteries; that is knowledge and truth which is not visibly apparent. This is the ONLY sense in which we use the word.

Many people ask why such knowledge and truth has been hidden from the world. The simple answer is to prevent it being misused. There has never been a single Teacher of the Eternal Verities who did not withhold the hidden, or occult mysteries, from the multitude. Jesus, for instance, tells his chosen disciples that: "Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables" (Luke 8:10). We find St Paul saying the same in his letter to the Corinthians: "We speak wisdom among them that are perfect." 'Perfect' in the sense that Paul uses it refers to the perfecti—which was the title of those who had been initiated into the Greek Mysteries of which Paul himself was an Initiate. Pythagoras uses the same word to describe those whom he initiated into his Academy.

You may ask that if occult knowledge and truth has been hidden from the multitude why are we now making it public? This is a good question. The answer is because the time is right to reveal some of it. We emphasise some because the higher Occult Mysteries can only be imparted to those who can be trusted not to misuse or reveal them. You can read about the reasons for this secrecy in our Occult FAQ.

Yet the more simple laws of occult science we discuss in many of our articles should never have been hidden; for this has done incalculable harm to humanity. They grope in the dark and make the most appalling errors with the best of intentions. There has never been a time when the knowledge of these laws was more vitally needed than today. A time when fear and menace stalk the world; hunger and disease afflict millions; wars strew the smiling earth with death, and the hearts of God's lost children cry out for answers. Answers neither Church nor State, least of all material science, can provide. This is the sole purpose of this website: to bring the one Light of Truth to all those that are willing and capable of recognising and receiving it.

It will be heard by the dull and the brilliant, the pure and the impure, the stupid and the wise, and those in between such conditions of mind, who all need what they are qualified to take of the shining pearls of Holy Wisdom which we have gathered together for the benefit of all mankind.

What's new?

We add new content to our website on a regular basis. To see what's new check the sidebar on our About page or visit us on Facebook and Google Plus.


A series of investigations into the occult in 12 parts

In this unusual series of twelve articles with a humorous twist, two occult students, Bombast and Flitterflop, meet in the astral world to discuss many different subjects, including magic, masters, false teachers, conspiracy theories, the illuminati, aliens, planet 'x', 'Ascension', 'Breatharianism' and 'DNA activation', consciousness, dreams, life after death, Tibetan magic, Shamans, drugs, channeling, Wicca, witchcraft, paganism, the tarot, fate versus free will, necromancy, heaven and hell, and much more.

Like all our content, each of these Astral Conversations is split into two parts: a primary narrative and an afterword which compliments and expands upon it. If you wish to reap the greatest benefit from these unique investigations you should read both parts. The descriptions below summarise the content of each article as well as the afterword. Although each article can be read on its own, all twelve form an ascending scale of revelation which is best read in chronological sequence in the order listed below:


PART 1: Masters of Mischief

In our first encounter with Bombast and Flitterflop we eavesdrop on their discussion about magic, chakras, masters and mystery-mongers. AFTERWORD: how false teachers mislead seekers.

PART 2: Cosmic conspiracies

Was Jesus a space alien? Is the moon the secret base of the illuminati? What exactly is planet 'x'? AFTERWORD: occult facts versus fanciful speculations.

PART 3: Beam me up Spotty!

Bombast and Flitterflop demystify 'Breatharianism', 'DNA activation' and 'Ascension'. AFTERWORD: why fantasy is so popular.

PART 4: Consciousness after death

Bombast and Flitterflop meet a remarkable teacher who helps them to understand what happens to us after death. AFTERWORD: what is cosmic consciousness?

PART 5: Out to lunch with Tibetan Lamas

Bombast and Flitterflop discuss Tibetan magic and mystery, and encounter a real, live Lama who is not all he seems. AFTERWORD: the cult of the 'masters' and 'mahatmas'.

PART 6: Tripping out with Shamans

Bombast and Flitterflop investigate the promises and perils of New Age Shamanism. AFTERWORD: dangers of Ayahuasca, DMT and other drugs.

PART 7: The cruel charade of Channeling

Bombast and Flitterflop fish the poisonous pool of New Age Channeling and expose the piranhas who swim in it. AFTERWORD: dangers of channeling and mediumship.

PART 8: Witches, Wiccans and Pagans

Our two investigators find themselves in a muddy field where they encounter witches, Wiccans and pagans. AFTERWORD: misconceptions and dangers of witchcraft.

PART 9: Dreams

Bombast and Flitterflop discuss dreams about which there are so many misconceptions and wrong theories. AFTERWORD: Arjuna's Dream of the lower astral world.

PART 10: Gypsies, thieves, trumps and leaves

Bombast and Flitterflop investigate the tarot and fortune telling. AFTERWORD: free will versus fate and the secrets of prophecy explained.

PART 11: Summoning spirits of Deceit

Bombast and Flitterflop investigate the deceitful and dangerous fascination with ceremonial magic and necromancy. AFTERWORD: magical evocation explained.

PART 12: Metaphysical meditations

Bombast and Flitterflop are reunited with their enigmatical teacher, who clarifies their thinking about many profound subjects. AFTERWORD: the art of occult study.

Articles and occult study resources

The following articles and occult study resources cover a wide variety of subjects, many of which have never before been made available to the public.

Unless stated otherwise, articles are listed in order of most recent publication. You can also search for specific topics using the search link at top right of any page.


Tibetan Buddhism unveiled

An investigation of the origins, history, teachings and practises of Tibetan Buddhism together with an account of the life and teachings of the Buddha in three parts.

Was Blavatsky a plagiarist and devil-worshipping racist?

An answer to those who doubt the motives, sincerity and probity of H. P. Blavatsky and her teachings.

The madeleine moment

Further thoughts on the usages of Memory and attunement with Nature by A. S.

Divine duty to Remember

Thoughts on the usages and direction of Memory—guest article by A. S.

Christmas Message

How to survive the Festive Season by attuning with the positive power of the Light.

Franz Bardon—true guide or deceiver?

A critical review of the teachings and books of the Czech occultist.


An introduction to the sacred science of numbers and some of their hidden qualities.

The Magic of Water

An investigation of the esoteric meaning and hidden properties of water.

The Occult Sun

An investigation of the hidden properties of the Sun and its forces.

The Magic of Salt

An investigation of the esoteric meaning and hidden properties of salt.

Scientific materialism: the path to hell

A critical examination of the premises, promises and plans of material science.

Gravitational waves make a big noise

We examine the claims of science to have discovered so-called 'gravitational waves' and compare the speculations of scientists with the facts of occult science.

Initiates and initiation

This article aims to dispel the misinformation that surrounds the vexed topic of initiates and initiation, and includes an afterword on the life and teachings of Pythagoras.

Why study Occult Science?

The systematic study of the hidden laws and principles of man and the universe.

Why matter matters

We investigate some of the theories of material science and compare them with the facts of Occult Science, to discover what matter really is.

Hermetic Philosophy of ancient Egypt

An appreciation and review of The Kybalion

The Science of Occult Symbolism

An investigation of symbolism and analysis of Mozart's opera The Magic Flute.


The Ancient Wisdom and Occult Truths to be found in REAL Astrology.

How peace leads to war

Understanding the paradox of how the desire for peace leads to conflict and war.

There is only one Light

We examine the claims of the many mystery schools and contradictory occult teachings the better to recognise the One Light of Truth.

Losing your way

How to look for real Truth and Wisdom.

Life after Death

The true facts about the afterlife explained from the standpoint of Occult Science.

Letter from a Master to his pupil

A warning to those who imagine they can master the Occult Sciences overnight.

Occult books

Reviewed and recommended for sincere seekers after Truth and Wisdom.

Links: wisdom on the web

External websites providing real Occult Knowledge and Truth on the Internet.


The Magic of Poetry

Part one of an investigation of the concealed wisdom in sublime poetry.
We discuss the difference between poetastery and poetry and analyse some poems by Omar Khayyæm, Shakespeare, Keats, Milton, Spenser and Dante.

Prometheus unveiled

Part two of an investigation of the concealed wisdom in sublime poetry.
Esoteric meaning in Shelley's metaphysical drama Prometheus Unbound.

Visions of Light

An appreciation of the paintings of Tuco Amalfi and a commentary on Visionary Art.

Magic of Art

An investigation of the magical power of art for good and evil.


Health and the occult student

We discuss health and medicine from the perspective of occult science, and consider some of the better-known alternative therapies.

Vegetarianism and spirituality

An investigation of vegetarianism and spirituality in the light of Occult Science.

Inner balance through applied Wisdom

How to balance the often conflicting desires of the Higher and lower selves.


Egypt in England

An investigation of the evidence for an ancient Egyptian colony in the British Isles more than 3,500 years ago.

What are Nature spirits and Fairies?

The occult facts about nature spirits together with five recommended books on the hidden side of nature.


Separating fact from the fancies that surround the subject of Atlantis.

End of the world predictions

We examine the prediction that the world would 'end' on 21 December 2012.

21 December 2012

We investigate the claims that this date heralded a "pole shift in consciousness".


In this series of articles, occult writer and theologian, John Temple, explores and investigates many different subjects, such as spirituality, the illuminati who are supposed to 'rule our lives', the problem of good and evil, and the hidden wisdom in the Bible. While each of his articles can be read on their own, they form an ascending scale of revelation, the full import of which will only become clear to the diligent reader who studies them in their proper sequence, in the order they are listed below.


Searching for Truth

The true story of one seeker's personal journey of spiritual discovery.


Who are the real illuminati? An evil conspiracy or something quite different?

Esotericism in the Nativity

John Temple reveals the hidden meanings concealed in the Bible story of the Nativity.

If God is good why does he allow evil?

A metaphysical investigation of the problem of Good and Evil.

Hidden Wisdom in the Bible

An investigation of the hidden wisdom in the Bible, why and how it was concealed, and the tools the sincere seeker needs to dig it out.

Esoteric meaning of Easter

An investigation of the true significance and esoteric meaning of Easter.

Hidden meaning in the Book of Proverbs

An investigation of the origins of the Book of Proverbs and the hidden meaning in it.


The broken Violin

An allegorical tale for those who wish to learn the science of symbolism.

What it means to be a fool

Guest article by Sol Bloomfield.

The Jihadi and the Jinn

A tale of the East for those who would be Wise and a brief review of the life and teachings of the Prophet Mohammed.


An allegory of the illusions and follies of men.

A modern Nativity

A humorous and perceptive pastiche of the well-known Christmas story by Gabrielle Annunziato subtitled 'a tonic for the tired and emotional at Christmas.'

The descent of Ishtar into the underworld

An interpretation of the esoteric meaning of one of the earliest fragments of the Ancient Mystery Teachings by Erika Hahn.

The Teachings of Li Wang Ho reviewed

An appreciative reader reviews this unknown classic of Chinese wisdom literature.

The books of J Michaud PhD

A personal appreciation and full list of all the author's books.

The Rhododendrons

In this true short story by J Michaud PhD the author reveals why Nature is the greatest Book of Wisdom ever written and how to read its mysteries.

The Bronze Mirror

A past-life in ancient Egypt recalled through psychometry by J Michaud PhD.

Meditation; or the Way of Escape

A tall tale in which are hidden in the daftest possible manner a host of real occult truths.

Book Review of The Quest of Ruru

An appreciative reader reviews this rare classic of occult literature by J Michaud PhD.

The Magic Pearls

A Fairy-tale for Wise Adults in which are concealed a number of occult truths.

The Adept and the Imp

This amusing story contains a number of Occult teachings in a concealed manner.

Religious quotes and occult maxims

from occultists, philosophers, and the Sacred Texts of all times and places.


The following four rare Occult Books can be read, studied and searched in their entirety on this website.

symphonie fantastique

Symphonie Fantastique

This most unusual book, subtitled a 'Diablerie in Four Movements or a Symphony in Words', is unique in occult literature. First published in 1949, by the Uma Press, in London, it is almost completely unknown. In publishing it here in HTML format, we hope to introduce a new generation of seekers after Truth to the elevated occult and metaphysical teachings it contains.


The Teachings of Li Wang Ho

First published in 1947, by the Uma Press, in London, This enchanting book contains the teachings of a forgotten ancient Chinese Philosopher of over 2,000 years ago, rescued from oblivion for the first time in our modern age or at any other period of occult history. This is one of those very rare books that can change your life for the better.


The Book of Sa-Heti

Published here in full as The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus, this book is a unique biography of Krishna—the Holy Hindu Saviour and prototype of Christ. First published as a hardcover book in 1950, printed copies are now almost unobtainable. It reveals some of the highest Occult Truths and hidden laws of the Universe which have never before been made public.

the quest of ruru

The Quest of Ruru

This scarce and almost unknown occult novel should appeal to every sincere seeker after Truth and Wisdom. Written with glittering power and filled with sublime descriptions of the glorious scenery of India 2,000 years ago, this book reveals the stages on the path to Initiation with a beauty and pathos that will bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart.

Online Occult Studies Course

occult studies course

In addition to the articles and books we have published, we offer on online occult studies course which is intended for SINCERE seekers who are ready and willing to take up the SERIOUS study of the Sublime Occult Mysteries. This course is free to study online in your own time at your own pace and does not require registration or payment.
During the course you will have ample opportunity to put any questions regarding the subjects covered to us. READ MORE...


The authors of this website do not claim any mysterious predecessors, titles or qualifications. We do not promote any particular religion, creed or personal agenda. Nor are we selling anything for commercial gain. Our ONLY aim is to re-state the Ancient Wisdom which has been taught by all the great Teachers, Messengers and Philosophers of the past in a modern way with clarity and simplicity. We bring nothing of our own to the teachings we disseminate but the string that ties them all together in the love and service we all owe to the Source of All-Wisdom and Truth, which is God.

We do not ask that you must accept these teachings; for that would be against all our principles as regards personal freedom of thinking and acting; a freedom which God Himself has granted to all His creatures. But in the degree that you are willing and capable of doing so, we venture to hope that, like our many appreciative readers, you will find our website to be a refuge of sanity and tranquility that will inspire and encourage YOU on your own path to the Light.

You can read more about this website and our aims on our About page as well as in the afterword to one of our articles in which we review our first four years online and our plans for the future.

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