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The aim of this website is to provide the very FEW sincere seekers after TRUTH with FACTS. There is too much speculation, fantasy and opinion masquerading as Occult Truth in the world today, and we do not wish to add to it. The MANY will pass this website by in favour of more 'thrilling' entertainment; that is their prerogative and we wish them well. For the few who DO stay and read our articles, there is nourishment a plenty for both mind and spirit.

We do not claim any mysterious predecessors, titles or qualifications. We do not promote any particular religion, creed or personal agenda. Nor are we selling anything for commercial gain. Our ONLY aim is to present the Ancient Wisdom which has been taught by all the great Teachers, Messengers and Philosophers of the past with clarity and simplicity. Wisdom that all may freely partake of according to the strength of their thirst for Occult Truth and their capacity for understanding it.

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A warning to the Vulgar* seeking occult 'thrills'

There are no 'spells', 'curses', 'magical rituals' or similar rubbish which passes for the 'occult' in the imagination of the vulgar to be found here. Nor will you find any information on how to obtain money, power, fame or sex through the 'occult' here. If you are looking for any of these please try your luck elsewhere!

(*from Latin vulgaris—belonging to the multitude or common people)

Occult articles, study resources and books

The following articles, study resources and books tackle a wide variety of occult subjects, many of which have never before been made available to the public.

Occult FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Occult answered simply and clearly.

What is the Occult?

The difference between the Occult, Occult Sciences and Magic explained.

Why is so much occult knowledge kept secret?

We explain and explore the many good reasons for the secrecy of occultists.

Why study Occult Science?

The systematic study of the hidden laws and principles of man and the universe.

Where do the Dead go?

The answer may surprise you!

The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

The life and SECRET teachings of Krishna—the prototype of Christ.

Wisdom on the Web

Links to the Ancient Wisdom and Occult Truth on the Internet.

The Science of Occult Symbolism

An illustration and explanation of the science of occult symbolism.

Losing your way

A clear and simple guide for confused seekers. We receive many emails from seekers who are adrift in a sea of confusion, not knowing where to turn in their search. This article explains where and how to look for real Truth and Wisdom.

Searching for Truth

The true story of one seeker's personal journey of spiritual discovery.

Occult Books

We review and recommend more than 30 classic non-fiction, fiction and biographical occult books that contain the true facts of Occult Science. Many of these titles are completely unknown, or ignored by students of occultism.


Who are the real illuminati? An evil conspiracy or something quite different? The answers may surprise you!

Letter from a Master to his pupil

A warning to those who imagine they can become an adept in the Occult Sciences in a few short weeks or months.

The Art and Science of Astrology

An investigation of the Ancient Wisdom and Occult Truths to be found in REAL Astrology.

The Adept and the Imp

The discerning reader will find a number of Occult teachings concealed in this amusing story in a seemingly daft manner, as well as true descriptions of the many subtle ways in which the powers of darkness tempt us.

Occult Magic of Art

An investigation of the magical power of art for good and evil.

Esotericism in the Bible

John Templeton reveals the hidden meanings concealed in the Bible story of the Nativity.

Religious quotes and occult maxims

Inspirational quotations, wise maxims and wisdom teachings from occultists, philosophers, and the Sacred Texts of all times and places.

21 December 2012

We investigate the claims that this date triggered a "pole shift in our collective consciousness".

End of the world predictions

We examine the prediction of the so-called "Oracle of Shambhalah" that the world would 'end' on 21 December 2012.

In preparation...

Spooks, spirits and spectres—we shed a clarifying light on the subject of the inhabitants of the astral world.

In addition to the above articles and study resources, we have also published a complete Course of Study of the Divine Occult Mysteries, full details of which can be found below.

Occult Mysteries Study Course

We provide a FREE, highly condensed COURSE OF STUDY of the DIVINE OCCULT MYSTERIES which is based on exactly the same teachings as those given to Students of the ancient Greek and Egyptian Mystery Schools.

Our course is adapted from a series of twelve talks, delivered to a group of students of the Divine Mysteries in London, in the last century. These talks were subsequently published in a rare and little-known book entitled Occult Enigmas by J Michaud PhD, which is now virtually unobtainable. The Course presents the true facts of occult science with clarity and simplicity, and rests upon the firm foundation of the Ancient Wisdom which was taught in the genuine Mystery Schools of Greece and Egypt.

The aim of these Mystery Schools was threefold. Firstly to teach Students the true nature of Man and the Universe and the purpose of life on earth and elsewhere in God's Universe. Secondly, to provide Students with the knowledge of how to liberate themselves from the bonds of matter and return to the Divine Source. Thirdly, to teach the ways of true Service to our near and dear ones in particular, and humanity in general, so that each Student might become a fully-conscious power in the service of the Life, Light and Love of God.

What distinguishes this course of occult study from the mass of material purporting to teach the 'mysteries' is that it makes no misleading or fantastic claims, such as we may find in the teachings of various modern mystery schools and teachers, who distort and misrepresent the Ancient Wisdom by superimposing upon it the speculations of their own untrained minds. Our Course provides wide-ranging discussions of, and clear answers to, many questions asked by genuine seekers after Truth—answers which are hard to find; many of which cannot be found in ANY books.

If you wish to reap the fullest PERSONAL benefit from this study course, we suggest that you read and study one article per week in the order they are listed below. The subjects discussed, and the occult laws and principles they introduce to you, are exactly the same as those taught to the Students of the Mystery Schools of Greece and Egypt, thousands of years ago.

We may add that this is the first time since the last of the genuine Mystery Schools closed that this material has been made available to the public. Nor will you find these teachings anywhere else. It is entirely up to you whether you accept them or not, but in the degree that you are willing and capable of doing so, you will benefit accordingly.

The path to the Light

Learning the meaning and truth of existence.

The Occult Jungle

Dangers for the unwary and inexperienced seeker.

Karma explained

Demystifying its doctrine and dogma.


The truth about reincarnation and previous lives.


Material and Spiritual evolution compared and explored.


The nature of intellect, instinct and intuition.

The Astral World

What it is and what it isn't.

Optimism versus  Faith

Why the two should never be confused.


What Magic, Mysticism, Occultism and Religion really are.


The science that unlocks the doors of Divine Wisdom.

Occult studies and meditation

Hints and tips for the sincere and serious occult student.

The Soul

What the 'soul' really is and how we should describe it.

If, after you have read and studied each article, you wish to ask us any questions about the subjects they discuss, please feel free to contact us.

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