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If you have completed our occult studies course you are invited to send us your answers to the following questions in your own words. You should try to make your answers as short and concise as possible. Please take your time, thinking carefully about each question. If you have NOT read and understood ALL the articles in the course it is a waste of your and our time to take this test. It is not a 'quiz' to show how clever you are. Nor is it intended to show how clever we are. It serves a far deeper and more important purpose, which is to help YOU to learn the basic principles of occult science and fix them firmly in your mind.

Although our studies course is self-contained, you can find additional information about the subjects discussed in our many articles. To look up any subject you are unclear about, use our search facility to find the topics that interest you. That way you will be better prepared to take this test. After you have submitted this form to us we will send you a list of the correct answers, so that you will have a résumé of the complete course and a useful reference of everything you have learned from it. But...we will NOT send the answers to you if you have simply skimmed through one or two articles in the hope of learning the answers! We hope it will be clear to you that this is NOT the way to learn anything, least of all occult science.

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Course Questions

Q1: What is the 'path to the Light'?
Q2: What do you understand by the words 'body', 'mind' and 'spirit'?
Q3: What is the lower self?
Q4: What is the Higher Self?
Q5: How do you become aware of your Higher Self?
Q6: How do you differentiate between true and false teachings and teachers?
Q7: How can you find Truth?
Q8: What is wrong with many 'New Age' teachings and beliefs?
Q9: What is Karma?
Q10: What is good?
Q11: What is evil?
Q12: What is the greatest sin?
Q13: What is the purpose of reincarnation?
Q14: What is the average interval between incarnations?
Q15: How may we recall our past lives?
Q16: Why may it not always be good to recall a past life?
Q17: What do you understand by 'Evolution'?
Q18: What is the purpose of Evolution?
Q19 What is an atom?
Q20: What is a solar system?
Q21: What is the true destiny of Man?
Q22: What is Intelligence?
Q23: What is Instinct?
Q24: What is intellect?
Q25: What is Intuition?
Q26: What is the astral world?
Q27: What sort of beings dwell in the astral world?
Q28: What is 'astral projection'?
Q29: What is 'channeling'?
Q30: Why can channeling be dangerous?
Q31: What is faith?
Q32: What is the difference between faith and optimism?
Q33: Are you under the impression that we can ever lose our faith?
Q34: What is Magic?
Q35: What makes Magic white or black?
Q36: What is Mysticism?
Q37: What is Occultism?
Q38: What is Religion?
Q39: What is Alchemy?
Q40: What qualifications are needed to be an alchemist?
Q41: What are the three aspects of Alchemy?
Q42: What is the 'Philosopher's Stone'?
Q43: What is meditation?
Q44: What is the best way to meditate?
Q45: What are the best occult books?
Q46: What are dreams?
Q47: How many different kinds of dreams are there?
Q48: What do you understand by 'initiation'?

(This has not been covered in the course, but we should like your answer anyway)

Q49: What is the greatest book of Wisdom ever written?
Q50: What is the Soul?
Q51: How can we best attain the condition of Inner Peace?

(This has also not been covered in the course, but we should like your answer anyway)

Q52: What is the most important thing you have learned from this course?

(There is no set answer to this question, but we should like to know what you feel you have gained most from the course)

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