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This website has been continuously online since 12 March 2012. It was created to re-state the Ancient Wisdom and age-old Truths for the benefit of all sincere seekers after occult knowledge. The authors and editors claim no academic or occult 'diplomas' or 'degrees', nor do we pretend to have all the answers. We have chosen to remain anonymous for three reasons. Firstly, because the content of this website does NOT consist of our personal beliefs, opinions or speculations. We have simply attempted to gather together some fragments of the Ancient Wisdom taught by the great Teachers, Philosophers and Messengers of the past, and present it in a modern way. Secondly, because all too many seekers place undue emphasis upon who wrote something, rather than what is actually written. Thirdly, because earthly personalities are not important. Having said that, we also publish guest articles from contributors and readers under their own names, unless they have chosen to use a pseudonym and we are not aware of their real names.

But he that shall learn and study the things that are, and how they are ordered and governed, and by whom, and for what cause, or to what end will acknowledge thanks to the Workman, as to a good Father, an excellent Nurse, and a faithful Steward, and he that gives thanks shall be Pious or Religious, and he that is Religious shall know both where the truth is, and what it is, and learning that he will be yet more and more Religious. Hermes Trismegistus — 'The Divine Pymander'

Real Occult Wisdom

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Many visitors have told us that our website is hard to find. This does not surprise us in the least. REAL occult Wisdom and Truth are about as popular as the plague and just as welcome! So-called 'magick', 'spells', rituals, summoning demons and gaining money and power are what most people believe the 'occult' is about and are looking for. The websites that peddle this nonsense outrank our site a million to one and always will. The same is true of so-called 'scholarly' articles about the many scientific, religious, historical and philosophical subjects we discuss. These get top billing whereas our articles don't appear anywhere in Search Engine results. Is this censorship? It is so far as Google is concerned. Google effectively delisted our website years ago. Unless you specifically search for 'occult mysteries' you won't find us. Searching for terms such as 'occult books', 'occult truth', 'occult sciences' or even 'Tolkien books occult', which is an unusual search term to say the least, won't find us. All this proves the old adage that coins of the least value have the widest circulation. This was so in the past, is so today and will remain so in the future as long as people prefer deception, fiction and fantasy to Truth.

For these reasons some of our statements, and the manner in which we make them at times, will arouse much opposition in some readers. That will be very good if it leads to an opening of those eyes which are often wholly blind to all Truth; being blinded by the misleading information pounded into every mind daily via every conceivable media, until the seeker is lost in an impenetrable jungle of fantasy, misinformation, confusion and contradiction. However, we wish to make it clear that whatever we say has not been set down in malice, or bitterness of heart or mind. On the contrary. It is our sincere hope that our website may contain some message that will assist you on your path to the Light; whether you are now in darkness, or in the twilight.

To read what our readers themselves say about our website, see our Readers' Comments page.
Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold. She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her. Proverbs 3:13-15

Reviving Ancient Wisdom and Truth

None of our content should be regarded as providing complete information upon any of the occult, scientific, mystical and philosophical subjects we discuss. Our main purpose is to introduce you to the Ancient Wisdom and Occult Truth taught by all the great Masters and Messengers. Some of our content is based on the works of H. P. Blavatsky and J Michaud PhD, to whom the world of occultism owes a debt so great that it can never be repaid—except with deepest respect and gratitude for the wonderful service they have each rendered to Mankind in reviving the ancient Wisdom. H. P. Blavatsky is grossly underrated and misunderstood by occultists and mystics alike, while the books of Dr Michaud are almost unknown and unappreciated. If you know little or nothing about either writer, the links given above provide further information.

Many seekers labour under the misapprehension that Blavatsky was a 'fraud', 'devil-worshipper' and racist. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you doubt us, which would be an eminent attitude to adopt, for we do not expect our readers to take anything on our say-so, you can read a fuller reply to this question in our article about this much-maligned occultist, as well as in our introduction to her writings on our links page.

We have essayed the almost impossible task of giving the name of every Philosopher, Sage, Divine Messenger and author whose words we have quoted; but to supply a complete list would turn this website into a catalogue. We therefore ask our readers' indulgence in this and all the rest.

Website and content


We believe our website is unique. Firstly, because much of our content cannot be found anywhere else. Secondly because we present our readers with the facts of Occult Science—not our own personal interpretations or speculations; facts which you can verify for and by yourself by going to the same sources we have drawn our content from. Thirdly, there is the arrangement of our content. This is separated into a primary theme accompanied by either an introduction, commentary or afterword placed in a sidebar that elucidates and compliments the primary theme, much like a musical accompaniment augments the structure of a symphony.

Thrifty readers will appreciate this system for another reason: they get two articles for the price of one! Not that the price paid is a monetary one as all our content is provided free-of-charge (see below). In addition, every article contains copious internal and external links, allowing the reader to easily follow up the subjects under discussion. Finally, many of our articles are updated on a regular basis as new information comes to light, or in response to readers' questions. Indeed, several of our articles have been written in direct response to questions posed by our readers. All this adds up to real 'interactivity' and 'rich' content few other websites provide. To see when an article was published or updated, refer to the note at the foot of any page. In this, and many other ways, we aim to make occult studies instructive, interactive, rewarding, and above all, enjoyable for all our readers, regardless of their level of education or prior knowledge.

That this unique system works is confirmed by the emails we receive from appreciative readers. We take no personal credit for this, for we have simply followed the tried and tested methods employed by all the great Teachers of the past. Our website has been carefully designed to be easily read and enjoyed on any computer, tablet or mobile device, however old or new. We use no Flash animations, clever javascripts or similar gimmicks when such tools are employed to impress the unthinking to disguise the lack of any worthwhile information. Nor do we use any third-party analytics software, so-called 'security' certification, tracking scripts or cookies. The complete absence of such 'extras' means our website is extremely fast on any device and requires the bare minimum of computing power.

Our content includes an exhaustive Occult FAQ which answers questions put to us by readers, an online occult studies course to introduce seekers to the Genuine Mystery Teachings, many rare, complete occult books to read online, plus over 80 book reviews covering occult, philosophical and religious subjects. In addition we have published over 230 in-depth articles on a wide variety of scientific, historical, philosophical and spiritual subjects. Many of these articles contain the most advanced occult teachings which have never before been revealed to the public. New articles are added every month, sometimes more often, so do check the top of the sidebar of this page for the latest additions. As of 3 December 2023, the total number of words in all our articles and books exceeded one and a half million. The actual number is 1,542,069. For comparison there are 783,137 words in the King James version of the Bible. We don't say this as some kind of cheap boast, but to show how much work has gone into this website in the 11 years since we launched in 2012.

Some readers have complained our website is difficult to navigate. Aside from the tabbed links at the top of every page which are repeated at the bottom, our HOMEPAGE lists every single article we have ever published. To make navigation easier this index is grouped into subjects with the newest additions listed first in most categories. We also have our own Search Engine which, when used as we suggest, is considerably better than Google at finding relevant results that match specific search queries. Further information about navigating our content can be found in our Occult FAQ.

Many of the pictures we use to illustrate our articles are the work of Gustave Doré (1832-1883), the great 19th Century French Artist. To the seeing eye his sublime illustrations reveal the hand of Divine inspiration in every brush and pen stroke. We would like to think that this deeply religious man would not entirely disapprove of the use to which we have put his artwork, nor the colouration which we have added. These pictures serve several purposes; to elucidate the subject under discussion; to break up text blocks; and to maintain a consistent visual length between the main narrative and the afterword or commentary placed in the sidebar. We are sometimes asked how we create our content. Our articles take considerable time and effort to research and write. Their length varies from 3,000 to 10,000 words. Some articles are spread over several parts, such as our investigation of the origins of Hermeticism and the true teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. These require months of painstaking research and composition. This will answer those readers who ask us why we don't publish new material more often than once a month.

How you can help

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From time to time grateful readers have asked how they can help us. Well, there are several ways. One is to alert us to any broken links in any of our articles or to outside sources. There are thousands of such links on our website and we simply do not have the time to check and re-check them all. Another way is to alert us to any typos in our articles. We are only human and despite careful proofreading we still make mistakes. We also welcome contributions from authors on any subject related to Occult Science and the Ancient Wisdom. Several contributors have sent us their work over the years, as you can read on our Readers' comments and articles page. If you have benefited from our work, please pass on the word to others, either by word of mouth or via social media. We have pages on Facebook and Instagram through which you can share our work. But be warned! Social media can be a hostile environment. Some of our readers have been attacked and vilified for sharing our website. If this should happen to you, do not be tempted to retaliate but maintain a dignified silence. We are immensely grateful to everyone who courageously promotes our work, for even the smallest seed planted in the most unpromising soil may be the catalyst that someone needs to begin their own Search for Truth, and they will have YOU to thank for stretching out a guiding hand to them.


This website is a not-for-profit venture with no financial or commercial interest in any of the articles or books we publish, review or recommend. We don't carry any paid advertising. We don't ask for subscriptions and donations and never will. Nor do we have any commercial interest in the websites and books we link to or recommend. All our content is completely FREE. We host and maintain this website at our own expense. This is our service and work on behalf of all sincere seekers after Truth. In return, we ask you to respect our copyright by not copying, reproducing or distributing our content, nor profiting from our work for self-promotion and/or commercial purposes. See our Terms and Conditions for more information about this.

Contact Occult Mysteries

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If there is a particular subject that interests you which we have not covered in any of our articles, let us know and we will give careful consideration to including it in a future discourse, provided it comes within our purview. We are not social workers, medical practitioners, therapists or counsellors, so please do not put us to the trouble of refusing to answer questions about your personal, relationship or health problems, regardless of whether or not you believe them to be the result of 'occult' causes or influences.

We regret that we cannot enter into any discussion of the merits or demerits of this or that occult order, group or teacher you may have encountered, so please do not write to us about this. Nor do we have any desire to enter into arguments about the various occult and magical teachings that exist in the world today, so please do not write to us about this either. What we have to say about these subjects can be found in our Occult Faq, in our articles about Occult Teachings and Teachers, as well as in many other articles, all of which you are at liberty to accept or reject. Having said all this, GENUINE feedback or questions from SINCERE seekers about the subjects we discuss are always welcome, and we invite them to write to us by clicking the CONTACT link to be found at the bottom of every page.

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