Astral Conversations

A series of investigations into the weird and wonderful world of the occult in 12 parts in which many conspiracy theories and erroneous beliefs and practises are explored and debunked.


In this unusual series of 12 articles two occult students, Joshua Bombast and Arthur Flitterflop meet in the astral world to discuss many different subjects. These include magic, masters, false teachers, conspiracy theories, the illuminati, aliens, planet 'x', 'Ascension', 'Breatharianism' and 'DNA activation', consciousness, dreams, life after death, Tibetan magic, Shamans, drugs, channeling, Wicca, witchcraft, paganism, the tarot, fate versus free will, necromancy, heaven and hell, and much more. Although Bombast and Flitterflop are fictional characters, they are based on real individuals well-known to us whose names we have changed to protect their identities.

Like all our content, each of these Astral Conversations is split into two parts: a primary narrative and a commentary in the sidebar. If you wish to reap the greatest benefit from these investigations you should read both parts. Although each article can be read on its own, all twelve form an ascending scale of revelation which is best read in chronological sequence in the order listed below.

PART 1: Masters of Mischief

In our first encounter with Bombast and Flitterflop we eavesdrop on their discussion about magic, chakras, masters and mystery-mongers.
AFTERWORD. We take a more serious look at the false teachers and false teachings that lead so many seekers into a labyrinth of error and confusion.


PART 2: Cosmic conspiracies

Was Jesus a space alien? Is the moon the secret base of the illuminati? Are shape-shifting lizards in control of the world? What exactly is planet 'x', do freemasons eat babies, and why?
AFTERWORD. Facts versus fantasy. Theoretically, most of us admit the duty of thorough and open-minded enquiry into the truth of any important statement before believing it. In practice, no duty is more universally neglected. In this afterword we discuss the reasons why and how this lamentable state of affairs has arisen.


PART 3: Beam me up Spotty!

If you have never heard of 'Breatharianism', 'DNA activation', 'Ascension', or suspected that Diet Coke is actually 'liquid light', you are more fortunate than Bombast and Flitterflop, who we encounter wading through a sticky mess of New Age fantasies.
AFTERWORD. We examine the many reasons why fantasy exerts such a strong appeal over the minds of otherwise sane and rational human beings.


PART 4: Consciousness after death

Bombast and Flitterflop meet a remarkable teacher who helps them to understand what happens to us after death and what parts of our consciousness survive.
AFTERWORD. Many philosophers and mystics have written about Cosmic Consciousness but none have done so with greater clarity, simplicity and accuracy than J Michaud in The Golden Star, from which the afterword to this article has been adapted.


PART 5: Out to lunch with Tibetan Lamas

Bombast and Flitterflop discuss Tibetan magic and mystery, and encounter a discarnate Lama in the secret fastnesses of Tibet who is not all that he seems. . .
AFTERWORD. The cult of the 'masters'. We examine how and why the cult of the Masters arose, who they really are and what their real work is.


PART 6: Tripping out with Shamans

Some of our readers will have experimented with Shamanism and mind-altering drugs. Many more are attracted by them. In this article Bombast and Flitterflop investigate the modern fascination with Shamanism and trace its roots back to the Spiritualism of the 19th century.
AFTERWORD. We examine the dangers of New Age Shamanism and the drug-culture associated with it.


PART 7: The cruel charade of Channeling

Channeling is simply a new word for mediumship. As Bombast and Flitterflop discover in the seventh of their conversations it is in no way different from the 'spirit' messages received by spiritualists in the 19th and 20th centuries.
AFTERWORD. We examine the dangers channeling poses to those who involve themselves with it, as well as those who believe in so-called channeled 'teachings.'


PART 8: Witches, Wiccans and Pagans

Paganism has been described as "a religion that has many gods or goddesses, considers the earth holy, and does not have a central authority." As we shall learn from Bombast and Flitterflop's investigation, modern Paganism doesn't have any authority, but is a chaotic melting pot of many different New Age beliefs and practices which are as varied and contradictory as humanity itself.
AFTERWORD. The dangers of Witchcraft. We examine the fascination with modern witchcraft and reveal the very great dangers it poses to those who dabble in it.


PART 9: Dreams

The subject of dreams has exercised the mind of man since the dawn of time. In recent years neuroscientists have taken up the study of dreams but despite their best efforts, the nature and function of dreams continues to elude them. In this conversation, Bombast and Flitterflop dissect the woolly-headed speculations of scientists and New Agers alike, and in comparing them with the facts of Occult Science, arrive at some remarkable conclusions.
AFTERWORD. Arjuna's Dream, taken from Chapter 20 of The Book of Sa-Heti by J Michaud PhD, should be of interest to many readers, who like Arjuna, have beheld the activities of the dwellers in the lower realms in dreams and been mightily perplexed by their visions.


PART 10: Gypsies, thieves, trumps and leaves

Diviners, fortune-tellers and psychics have always existed. Nor has there been a time when people did not use divination to learn the future or seek help in solving their personal problems. As we discover from Bombast and Flitterflop's foray into the strange world of fortune-telling, whilst it is possible to predict the future, it may not always be wise to do so.
AFTERWORD. We consider how prediction really works according to occult scientific laws and discuss the question of free will which predestination seems to negate.


PART 11: Summoning spirits of Deceit

Nothing good can come of the modern fascination with summoning so-called 'spirits'. Nor is there anything new in attempting to contact the dead. Necromancy is as old as man. It has been practised in every part of the world among all peoples, and rightly condemned by every true teacher as black magic. Moses enacted cruel and murderous laws against necromancers as you can read in the Bible, but Jesus, being more merciful, healed those obsessed by evil spirits.
AFTERWORD. We discuss the difference between the evocation of so-called 'spirits' and communion with Higher Beings together with the occult laws and conditions that apply to both.


PART 12: Metaphysical meditations

The sincere seeker after Truth has to pass through many stages before they obtain the smallest glimmer of Light on the narrow path that begins in ignorance and ends in knowledge. These stages include doubt, superstition, scepticism, gullibility, dogma and fanaticism; every one of which has to be fought and overcome before the Light is reached. We may regard these as so many steps in a long process of purification during which the mind is gradually swept clean of all erroneous ideas and misconceptions, many of which Bombast and Flitterflop discuss during the previous eleven conversations. In this final article, that process reaches its culmination, but this does not mean there is nothing further for our two friends to learn, nor that they have turned over every stone in their investigations of the illusions, errors and obstacles which beset the seeker after Truth.

Begin by reading the first article: Masters of Mischief

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Further reading: The Occult Student

In our final commentary to part 12 of Astral Conversations — Metaphysical meditations — we discuss the art of occult study and what makes a good or bad student, a theme which we revisit in even more depth in our article on The Occult Student published after this series of twelve articles was completed.

In the afterword to this article we examine a most significant statement taken from the unpublished writings of H. P. Blavatsky which begins with the moving words: "There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road..."

Bombast and Flitterflop investigate

Readers who have grown rather fond of our two intrepid investigators during the course of their twelve Astral Conversations will be pleased to learn that they have since investigated more subjects for us. You can find a full list of these on our Homepage.

Since them our two occult students have investigated several other subjects, including the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, the popular 'New Age' occult practise of employing sigils and servitors to obtain whatever the magician desires, and the present fascination with the so-called 'Akashic Records'.

Meanwhile, we wish them and you, dear reader, God's speed on the path to the Light and the courage and patience to walk it whatever obstacles or distractions you may encounter along the way.


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