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THE AUTHORS of this website have studied Occult Science for more than 40 years. Our purpose is to re-state the Ancient Wisdom and age-old Truths for the benefit of all sincere seekers after occult knowledge. We claim no academic or 'occult' qualifications, nor do we pretend that we have all the answers. We have chosen to remain anonymous for three reasons. Firstly, because the content of this website does NOT consist of our personal opinions or speculations. We have simply attempted to gather together some fragments of the Ancient Wisdom taught by the great Teachers, Philosophers and Messengers of the past, and present it in a modern way. Secondly, because many seekers place undue emphasis upon who wrote something, rather than what is actually written. Thirdly, because earthly personalities are not important.

Many visitors have told us that our website is hard to find. This does not surprise us in the least. REAL occult Wisdom and Truth are about as popular as a dose of 'flu and just as unwelcome! Fantasy, thrills and shortcuts to enlightenment are what most people are looking for online and the websites that peddle this nonsense outrank our site a thousand to one and always will do. The same is true of so-called 'scholarly' articles about the many scientific and philosophical subjects we discuss. These invariably get top billing on Google whereas ours do not appear in any Search Engine results. Or we may put it another way by saying that coins of the least value have the widest circulation.

For these reasons some of our statements, and the manner in which we make them at times, will arouse much opposition in some readers. That will be very good if it leads to an opening of those eyes which are often wholly blind to all Truth; being blinded by the misleading information pounded into every mind daily via every conceivable media, until the seeker is lost in an impenetrable jungle of confusion and wrong thinking.

However, we wish to make it clear that whatever we say has not been set down in malice, or bitterness of heart or mind. On the contrary. It is our sincere hope that our website may contain some message that will assist you on your path to the Light; whether you are now in darkness, or in the twilight.

Reviving Ancient Wisdom

None of our content should be regarded as providing complete information upon any of the occult, scientific, mystical and philosophical subjects we discuss. Our main purpose is to introduce you to the Ancient Wisdom and Occult Truth taught by all the great Masters and Messengers. Some of our content is based on the works of H. P. Blavatsky and J Michaud PhD, to whom the world of occultism owes a debt so great that it can never be repaid—except with deepest respect and gratitude for the wonderful service they have each rendered to Mankind in reviving the ancient Wisdom. H. P. Blavatsky is grossly underrated and misunderstood by occultists and mystics alike, while the books of Dr Michaud are almost unknown and unappreciated. If you know little or nothing about either writer, the links given above provide further information.

Many seekers labour under the misapprehension that Blavatsky was a 'fraud', 'devil-worshipper' and racist. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you doubt us, which would be an eminent attitude to adopt, for we do not expect our readers to take anything on our say-so, you can read a fuller reply to this question in our article about this much-maligned occultist, as well as in our introduction to her writings on our links page.

We have essayed the almost impossible task of giving the name of every Philosopher, Sage, Divine Messenger and author whose words we have quoted; but to supply a complete list would turn this website into a catalogue. We therefore ask our readers' indulgence in this and all the rest.

Website and content

We believe our website is unique. Firstly, because much of our content cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet. Secondly because we present our readers with the facts of Occult Science—not our own personal interpretations or speculations; facts which you can verify for and by yourself by going to the same sources we have drawn our content from. Thirdly, there is the arrangement of our content. This is separated into a primary theme accompanied by either an introduction, commentary or afterword placed in a sidebar that elucidates and compliments the primary theme, much like a musical accompaniment augments the structure of a symphony. Finally, many of our articles are updated on a regular basis as new information comes to light, or in response to readers' questions. Indeed, several of our articles have been written in direct response to questions posed by our readers; this is real 'interactivity' few websites provide! To see when an article was published or updated, refer to the note at the foot of any page. In this, and many other ways, we aim to make occult studies instructive, interactive, rewarding, and above all, enjoyable for all our readers, regardless of their level of education or prior knowledge.

That this unique system works is confirmed by the many emails we regularly receive from appreciative readers. We take no personal credit for this, for we have simply followed the tried and tested methods employed by all the great Teachers of the past. Our website has been carefully designed to be easily read and enjoyed on any computer, tablet or mobile device, however old or new. We use no Flash animations, clever javascripts or similar gimmicks when such tools are employed to impress the unthinking to disguise the lack of any worthwhile information.

Our content includes a comprehensive and regularly updated Occult FAQ of more than 100 questions put to us by readers, an online occult studies course to introduce seekers to the Genuine Mystery Teachings, four rare, complete occult books to read online, plus many book reviews covering occult, philosophical and religious subjects. In addition, we regularly publish in-depth articles on a wide variety of occult, scientific, mystical, philosophical and spiritual subjects. Many of these articles contain the most advanced occult teachings which have never before been revealed to the public. New content is added on a regular basis, so do check this page or our Facebook and Google Plus pages for the latest additions. You can read more about the development of this website in the afterword to our article about The descent of Ishtar into the underworld—the quest for Wisdom—in which we review the achievements of our first four years online and our plans for the future.

And now a word about the pictures we have used. With few exceptions these are all the work of Gustave Doré (1832-1883), the great 19th Century French Artist, whose sublime illustrations reveal the hand of Divine inspiration in every line of his work. We would like to think that this deeply religious man would not entirely disapprove of the use to which we have put them, nor the colouration which we have added.

From time to time grateful readers have asked how they can help us. Well, there are several ways. One is to alert us to any broken links in any of our articles or to outside sources. There are thousands of such links on our website and we simply do not have the time to check and re-check them all. Another way is to alert us to any typos in our articles. We are only human and despite careful proofreading we still make mistakes. We also welcome contributions from authors on any subject related to Occult Science and the Ancient Wisdom. Several contributors have sent us their work over the years, most notably John Temple, whose thought-provoking articles on the Search for Truth are appreciated by so many of our readers. If you feel that your writing might make a valuable contribution to our website, please contact us with a brief description of your article and yourself. We regret that we do not have the resources to pay authors for their articles. These are three ways in which you can help us and your fellow readers. Finally, if you have benefited from our work, please pass on the word to others who you feel might do so too. Either by word of mouth, social media, or in any other ways.

Finally, this website is a not-for-profit venture with no financial or commercial interest in any of the books or external websites we review and recommend. We maintain this website and provide our content completely free-of-charge out of our own pockets. We do not ask for donations and never shall as you can read in the afterword to our article on the Descent of Ishtar mentioned earlier. This is our service and work on behalf of all sincere seekers after Truth. In return, we ask you to respect our copyright to the fullest extent by not copying, reproducing or distributing our content, nor profiting from our work for self-promotion and/or commercial purposes.


Readers' Comments

These are a few of the many appreciative comments we receive from our readers. We have not edited them in any way. Most recent listed first.

"English is not my first language. I've been on the search for wisdom and self-improvement for as long as I can remember back to my childhood and almost killing myself for being too weak and blind. For the first time I really feel something inside me and things make sense and all that by reading only a couple of your articles. So, I in the depths of my heart, I thank you."

(Reader from Estonia)

"Thank you putting Dr Michaud's sublime works on your site. I searched high and low for these ever since a treasured friend leant me their copy of The Quest of Ruru. It is such a pity these books are almost totally ignored. I recommend them to lots of people but most are only interested in having their own preconceived ideas confirmed and quickly go back to whatever fantasies they follow."

(Reader from Norway)

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this website and your occult studies course up for me to stumble upon. It has truly been my guiding light for the past few years. There have been times when I stray from the path, following this or that teaching. After a while, without fail, I get disillusioned with those teachings and come back to this website to be reminded of the simplicity and truth of the teachings contained herein. Words cannot express my gratitude."

(Reader from the USA)

"I truly enjoyed reading 'Astral Conversations' and cracked up quite a bit throughout the reading, starting right from the beginning with the names chosen for the two endearing characters. You got to love Bombast and Flitterflop! I think T-shirts should be made in their honour with 'I am such a Bombast' at the front, and 'Flitterflop? Oui, c'est moi!' at the back."

(Reader from France)

"I would like to thank you for the work you published regarding Franz Bardon's work. I am a person in the quest of occult knowledge, science, and wisdom. I came across Bardon's book, Initiation into Hermetics, as a young kid. Growing up my thirst for spiritual elevation accrued and so, I decided to research Bardon's work and actually bought all 4 books. His language has certainly been quite convincing overall which strengthened the appeal of his work.

"Oddly enough, I have had these books for over 3 years, always wanted to get started 'on the path to initiation' but something always held me back. Recently, I convinced myself to get started but doubts regarding his credibility and authority built up. And, divine providence led me to research these two subjects to confirm my commitment which is how I came across your article. Thank you again for disallowing, through your work, any ill fate that I could have encountered had I pursued his work."

(Reader from the USA)

"I just wanted to express gratitude to you guys. Your articles and information you share have given me such amazing perspective on so many things. I am really grateful for what you do."

(Reader from the USA)

"I have received a huge enrichment reading this website and following the teaching of the Occult Mysteries. Thank you and God bless your effort and generosity in guiding us on the road of knowledge."

(Reader from England)

"English is not my native language and I found it easy to read and understand the information. Since the discovery of this website I feel I'm on the right path. Finally, for the first time in many years I feel I'm making progress. . .Your website is like a hidden treasure between all the bad info on the Internet."

(Reader from Belgium)

"Thank you for your well written piece on Franz Bardon. I myself walked this path for around ten years. It never 'sat' well with me, and my dream time became a maze of numbers and words to dazzle. I do look forward to reading more of you pieces. Again, many thanks to you."

(Reader from the UK)

"I have been reading your wonderful articles for many months now and always come away with my spirits lifted and my mind fed."

(Reader from the USA)

"I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for this site. The Quest of Ruru is most divine and touches my soul in ways I can't describe and I only dream of having an experience like that."

(Reader from the USA)

"The biggest gift for me (and there are a multitude) is that each time I revisit your articles they keep offering me something positive."

(Reader from the USA)

"I've been visiting your website for quite some time now and wanted to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating it. As an individual who has suffered significantly from a heavy heart and burdened mind due to certain past events, it means the world to me to have access to such beneficial study materials."

(Reader from the USA)

"I wanted to take a moment to congratulate everyone involved with Occult Mysteries on the recent four year anniversary. I discovered this website about two years ago and it is no exaggeration to say that it has been life changing."

(Reader from the USA)

"I truly cannot find the words to describe how thankful I am for the most beautiful website I have ever come across. I absolutely love, and appreciate everything that you guys do."

(Reader from the USA)

"Congratulations on 4 years of running your wonderful website! Before I found occult mysteries it was as if there was a void deep within my spiritual life, I searched through all sorts of religions and new age numpty with no lasting satisfaction, it wasn't until I found your website that I finally felt I had found some real genuine teachings that I could assimilate in my life!"

(Reader from Canada)

"I have learned more genuine information on this site, than in any book I have ever read. Your words ring true to the deepest depths of my being."

(Reader from the USA)

"Tripping out with Shamans' is a fantastic, well researched and convincing article. If my past idiocy helps lead some people to the truth from reading it I'll be happy."

(Reader from the UK)

"What you are doing with this site is great! You are true servants of God and your diligence has awakened this fellow brother from ignorance."

(Reader from the USA)

"I would like to say thank you for your website. It has truly been a blessing to discover it and I'm greatly appreciative of the time and effort that you must put in to these articles for the genuine seeker's benefit."

(Reader from the USA)

"Thank you so much for Out to lunch with Tibetan Lamas. I was almost brought to tears of revelation and joy reading the commentary on 'the cult of the masters'. And the humour and wise words contained within the main article was much appreciated."

(Reader from the UK)

"I would like to extend my thanks to Mr Temple on the article about Easter, it's an eye opener to thinking people!"

(Reader from the USA)

"Your site is a true grail of many living waters."

(Reader from the UK)

"The Quest of Ruru, is the best book I have ever read. I really had to fight back the tears and it moved me in ways I have no words for."

(Reader from the USA)

"I am thoroughly enjoying Bombast and Flitterflop's all too familiar musings. Many of your readers must be as worn out as I am with all those benevolent ETs, channelers, secret space programmes, upcoming ascensions and DNA activations. Not to mention space lizards!!"

(Reader from the UK)

"I was close to pretty much giving up on "spiritual" stuff and coming to the conclusion that the truth cannot be known until I found your website."

(Reader from the UK)

"Thanks for providing this fantastic website which is like a ray of light in a storm of utter clutter. I have found myself laughing and nodding to a lot of the information presented here as it explains pretty much exactly my journey up until this point."

(Reader from the UK)

"My whole life I have intuitively known that something existed beyond the veil but until finding this site could not articulate it. You have changed my life. I never expected to end up believing in God."

(Reader from the USA)

"When I found your website I admit that I cried like a child who has lost the way and found someone who can help it find the way home. After I read your article Searching for Truth by John Temple I felt like my heart bloomed with bliss. Thank you for making such a holy and beautiful website."

(Reader from the UK)

"Your website is a refuge of sanity and tranquility. I come back to your articles time after time when I need clarity and perspective on all the mad things—and mad teachings—in the world today."

(Reader from the Czech Republic)

"I'm not new to occult studies, as I have been reading on and off for quite some time. The thing about your articles are they get right to point and mention things in a clear and concise way, there's no nonsense or beating around the bush."

(Reader from the USA)

"There is so much information out there that it's so hard to sort the true from the false. Reading your occult studies course is like a veil has lifted and I can see clearly. So many of the answers I have been searching for all my life are right there and to my surprise I find I understand everything."

(Reader from New Zealand)

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We regret that we cannot enter into any discussion of the merits or demerits of this or that occult school or group which you may be a member of, so please do not write to us about this. Nor do we have any desire to enter into arguments about any occult or magical teachings you may be a follower of, or have encountered on or offline, so please do not write to us about this either. Having said this, GENUINE feedback or questions from SINCERE seekers are always welcome, and we invite them to write to us by clicking the CONTACT link to be found at the bottom of every page.


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