Christmas Message

How to survive the Festive Season by attuning with the positive power of the Light

At this time of the year many people give way to sadness and even depression. Whether the cause is the invasion of not always welcome relatives, the rampant materialism of modern life, the endless pressure to 'spend, spend, spend' on presents that will be forgotten days or weeks after they are grudgingly received by those who 'really wanted something better', money or health problems, the results of over-indulgence, or some deeper underlying malaise or dissatisfaction, the effects can be devastating and long-lasting.

It is for these reasons that we would like to share the following thoughts with you in the true Spirit of Christmastime. The best place to start is at the beginning, so let us begin by reminding you of one important point. If you did not possess any faults and weaknesses you would not be here on earth in a material body, for you would have no lessons to learn! If evil disappeared from the world, good would disappear along with it, for there would be nothing to compare it to. Every gardener knows that plants will die in eternal sunlight, and so would man, who would become an automaton without the exercise of his free will and aspiration toward the Light, which would lose its being and value for him were there no darkness to offset it.

One of the lessons we all have to learn is to see things in their right proportions by not exaggerating life's difficulties, disappointments and hardships. Very few people are born happy and even fewer stay that way. To be truly happy, we must consciously and constantly work at it.

The best way we know to accomplish this desirable goal is to dwell constantly on Peace, Beauty, Love and Truth; that is, on all elevating thoughts: these are positive. If we do this then the negative conditions which depress and sadden us will gradually wither and die for lack of nourishment. To dwell upon our faults, wrongs done to us and the many dreadful happenings in the world, is only to feed and encourage them; for like attracts like in the mental sphere.

Thinking people know that this is true. Even those very clever men and women in white lab coats now acknowledge what Occult Science has always known: negative thinking brings about negative conditions, just as positive thoughts bring about happiness, peace and goodwill to all. This is not an optimistic theory of ours, but a well-established natural LAW which successful men and women have applied throughout history, in most cases unconsciously. But an Occultist should apply it CONSCIOUSLY to all their thinking and acting.

Besides, the pursuit of Truth should be filled with Joy. Consequently, a balanced perspective is of great importance. Therefore learn to laugh and be happy. Lift up your heart and give thanks for the Blessings you have received, and find pleasure in all the simple things of life: the smile of an innocent child, fresh from Heaven, the glories of a rose-tinted golden sunrise, the lilting song of the blackbird who sings to his Creator regardless of whether the day is cloudy or sunny, and last but by no means least, the radiant beauty of the humble daisy, which no matter how often we tread upon it, or mow off its head, still comes up smiling!

We have never known a genuine Occultist who was sad and despondent at Christmas, or at any other time of the year. On the contrary, they are full of fun and humour, and give laughter, warmth and Joy to all with whom they come in contact. Within the Higher Realms all sincere seekers after Truth aspire to, laughter reigns supreme and makes heavenly music, bestrewing yet brighter light all around, as you can read in Vision 6 of The Golden Star by J Michaud PhD.

Having said this, it is true that the path to the Light does become difficult at times; but if it were easy and there were no obstacles to surmount or suffering to endure, then one's journey would be of little value. It is only by the Victories we gain along the Way that we build up our strength and add to our wisdom. So, if you feel the Christmas festivities are getting you down, laugh it off. Go for a walk and commune for a time with the beauties of Nature which one occultist has rightly called 'the robe of God'. Or study some elevating occult, mystical or philosophical text, whether on our website or anywhere else. Better still, retire into silence and meditate peacefully on all your blessings, for no matter how bleak things may seem to be, there is always light to be found if we truly seek it out, either in us, in others, or the wonders of God's Universe in which we dwell.

So this Christmas, be too noble for anger, for that destroys your peace of mind. Be too wise for jealousy for that will only add another rivet to the leaden chains that bind you yet to earth. Be too humble for pride; too faithful for fear and too happy to permit the presence of sadness. Think well of yourself, and let others see that you do so without ostentation or boasting, but with kindness, soft words and gentle laughter. Make all your relatives and friends feel there is much good in them, and encourage them to let it out. Think only of the best, work only for the best, and expect only the best.

If you put all that we have shared with you in this Christmas Message into practise over the coming days, not only will you get through the festivities unscathed (and may even enjoy them!), but sadness and depression will find no congenial soil in which to take root within your heart or mind. It is by attuning with the positive power of the Light that you will not only survive the Festive Season, but help others to do so too, and that is best Christmas present anyone can give or receive.

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© Copyright All rights reserved. Published 24 December 2016.

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