Keeping my Peace

A reader's continuing story of her struggle to hold on to Inner Peace

Guest article by Rose Wood

Introduction by Occult Mysteries

We are pleased to share another thoughtful article by Rose Wood which should appeal to all those who struggle to hold on to Inner Peace amidst the many challenges modern life throws at us. Do not let its simplicity distract you from its important message. It is the little things in life that test us the most. A thoughtless word that angers us. The incompetence or opposition of a colleague at work. Traffic jams, queues, being late for an appointment, or simply getting out of bed on the wrong side in the morning. Any or all of these minor irritations and annoyances can ruin our entire day—if we let them! It is only when we learn to see them in their proper perspective and master the emotions they engender in us that we become capable of withstanding the greater trials of life by keeping our Peace.

Our customary afterword is a short extract from The Quest of Ruru by J Michaud PhD on the importance of concentration in maintaining Peace.

Ah... I'm making progress, I say to myself with some satisfaction, referring to my ongoing quest for that "Peace that passeth all understanding". Daily I seek refuge in that quiet place where the voice of my Soul can be heard. I look up, up, and up, lifting my thoughts away from the grind of earthly cares, seeking for what I call "the hum", the ethereal music of higher spheres which makes my heart sing. I sit with perfect bliss in the rhythm of Nature; the whisper of aspen leaves, the cheery symphony of birdsong, the soft whirring of myriad insect wings lulling me into a state of joyful calm. I read and I study and I reflect, forever reaching for greater wisdom. I learn to quiet the inner frustrations that so often accompany interactions with my fellow travellers on the thorny path of life. Sometimes I even manage to succeed in ignoring the relentless inner voice that so often berates me with cruel contempt. Yes, I tell myself, I am making good progress.

And then one day, with unexpected clarity, a quiet awareness illuminates my blindness. I see a darkness deep inside of me I have long deluded myself into denying. I liken it to a whirling dervish of a devil who spins with great velocity in my head, its raging thoughts bringing unrest and agitation. I see with instant regret how easily this anger has become a lifelong habit, an inner storm raging at the slightest provocation, its roiling emotions darkening the Light of my Peace. Oh, I object in self-justification, but I rarely visit my wrath on others. Am I not the one who always seeks kindness? Do I not try to reconcile differences and pour oil on troubled waters? Perhaps...sometimes. Not as often as I'd like and not as often as I should. Many look without for the causes of their woes, few within. It is hard to bare your lesser self to your greater Self and stand naked in its uncompromising light. A light that pierces all shadows and exposes all my weaknesses and foolishness.

Nevertheless, as has so often happened in my life, I cannot deny the awareness that has been gifted to me. I know. I see clearly. Once the illumination of awareness comes, there is no more slipping back into the comfortable ignorance of disavowal. I now see and acknowledge my habit of giving way to anger, I tell those Beings of Light who help me walk through this challenging life. In the name of sweet Peace, I am resolved to change. I WILL control this capricious and cunning devil who sits on my left shoulder whispering its deceitful counsel in my ear.

Then come the tests, one after another, the aforementioned Beings no doubt observe me with no small amount of humour as minor calamities beset me. I stand at the sink, drying a dish, when crash! it falls atop another dish, breaking them both. Instantly, anger courses through me like a torrent. I catch myself and smile. This is not the first time in my life my resolve has been tested and I know it will not be the last. I am familiar with the gentle stratagems the Higher Powers employ in their unceasing efforts to help me grow. Next, I walk to my lovingly tended gardens to gather greens for my midday meal, only to discover my entire row of spinach has been devoured during the night by marauding deer! Oh, the rage! I breathe deeply, close my eyes, attempt a weak smile, and let the frustration ease from my thoughts like the escaping air from a leaky balloon.

And thus the tests continue, so much so that I begin to chuckle with delight at the humour of it all. I like to imagine the Beings of Light smiling with benign amusement at my earnest efforts as they, with no small amount of merry mischief, conjure up yet another disaster. Like heavenly prototypes of the impish Puck, their dalliances bring divine results in the end. Thank you, I say with sincere gratitude, my teeth only slightly gritted. What would I possibly do without you? I ask, and I genuinely mean it. I am blessed and I know it.

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Article © Rose Wood. Afterword © Copyright J Michaud PhD and
All worldwide rights reserved. Published 21 June 2018.

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