Mad Covid Disease

An investigation of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and the global fallout resulting from it


Some readers may find the title of this article both offensive and provocative. This will be good if it provokes reasoned, sane thought, something sadly lacking in the minds of many during the present panic-demic. We use the word advisedly, for a worldwide panic is precisely what the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak is. We have deliberately avoided writing about this until now because it has little to do with occultism. But the many emails we've received from concerned readers coupled with the draconian measures taken by the British Government to 'control' the disease have compelled us to say something. We hope that this honest examination of the facts may counter the tide of misinformation now dominating the news. For it is this daily deluge of announcements, advice and statistics—however well-intentioned—which is fuelling the hitherto unheard of levels of fear, hysteria, and panic now sweeping the world.

We aim to show that the only 'panic-demic' currently confronting us is one of collective insanity, stupidity, fear and ignorance. We are well aware that this is not a popular view and that it flies directly in the face of the 'advice' being pumped out by most scientists, governments and the mass media. We also are aware that what we have to say will upset some readers, especially those who are at risk from infection by the virus as well as those with vulnerable relatives and friends. But Truth stands higher in our hearts and minds than any considerations of social propriety or 'political correctness.' In short, we can keep silent no longer while good men and women labour under every sort of misapprehension and are driven half out of their minds with worry that is wholly unjustified by the actual risks which confront us.

The attack on personal freedom, deprivation of liberty and gainful employment that is happening right now—both in this country and the rest of the world—is what we predicted would happen in our article 'Scientific Materialism: the path to hell', published exactly four years ago in March 2016. In it we wrote: "Be on the alert and protect yourself and others from the coming slavery which now stands on the doorstep of your palace of individual freedom, knocker in hand, ready to demand admittance to the portals of your very Soul and Mind. Fight the new scientific Satan, who is but another apparition of the horned Beast of Revelation, greedily licking his lips in anticipation; waiting to drag us all down to the new Hell of his own making—a veritable Prince of Darkness with whom it is fit to wage internecine war." This reflects the concerns of a number of thinking scientists and individuals around the world who have expressed the view that there is a hidden agenda driving the present panic-demic. Regrettably, neither time nor space permit us to explore the considerable body of evidence which supports this view, but we hope to do so in a future article—that is, if we have not been carried off by the virus or been run over by a shopping trolley piled high with toilet paper and hand sanitizer!

Having said all this, Covid-19 is no laughing matter and it is not our intention to make light of the risks it poses to our health. Moreover, we advise our readers to abide by the laws of their country of residence, including the emergency legislation introduced by governments and to take sensible precautions to protect themselves and their colleagues, friends and family from infection. Frankly, the advice to wash one's hands rather more often than most people do is long overdue. Not for nothing does the old adage tell us that 'cleanliness is next to godliness.' It is also true, as we pointed out in a previous article, that the eradication of epidemic diseases such as Cholera and Typhus has more to do with improved sanitation and cleanliness than advances in medical science or vaccination.

Short lessons from History

We——who were all born between 1940 and 1950—cannot remember a time when such extreme measures have been taken by any government in the face of a crisis which, at the time of writing, may have killed up to 500 people in the United Kingdom and 20,000 worldwide. We emphasise 'may' as there is considerable evidence that the number of deaths attributed to Covid-19 has been greatly exaggerated. We shall address this important concern later. We repeat, 20,000, out of an estimated global population of 7.7 billion may have died from the virus. Let us put these figures in perspective by a quick review of previous pandemics, real and imagined. By far the most well-known and most destructive was the so-called 'Spanish flu' epidemic of 1918-19. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 500 million people or one-third of the then world's population became infected. The number of deaths in the UK alone exceeded 200,000. Out of a population of 43 million this equates to 1 person in every 215, a mortality rate far in excess of that attributed to the present pandemic. Worldwide, more than 50 million people died from Spanish flu. The high mortality rate in healthy young people, especially those in the 20-40 year age group, was a unique feature of the disease which has not been replicated in the present Covid-19 pandemic.

Nearly forty years later, in 1957, Asian flu killed an estimated one million people worldwide. Eleven years after that, in 1968, Hong Kung flu killed another million people worldwide and around 100,000 in the United States. More recently, the swine flu pandemic which lasted from January 2009 to August 2010, killed just 138 people in the UK. No, that's not a typo—the total number of deaths from swine flu was just 138, less than die on our roads in only one month! You can easily look these figures up. People—or perhaps 'sheeple' would be a better word—as Gabrielle Annunciato told us in a recent guest article, have very short memories. At the time swine flu first hit the headlines, the Evening Standard announced that: "swine flu could infect three-quarters of a million Britons and could cost three trillion dollars to eradicate."

Just like today, suitably grim-faced panic-stricken ministers plunged into their Cobra bunker beneath Whitehall to prepare for Armageddon. The EU health commissioner, Androulla Vassiliou, advised travellers not to travel "unless it's very urgent," whilst the Foreign Office warned against "all but essential" travel to Mexico because of the danger of catching flu. The resulting hysteria wiped millions from shares. . .just like today. Scientists estimated that 11-21% of the world's population would become infected and that between 150,000 to 600,000 would die. The same scientists, with a breathtaking lack of shame, later admitted that the risk of serious illness from swine flu was actually less than that of the yearly seasonal flu!

Ten years earlier, during the equally hyped (Bovine spongiform encephalopathy) BSE scare of 1995-7, the clever 'advisors' with more medical degrees than a cat has fleas, predicted doom, terrifying the British Government into mad politician disease. The scientists' claimed that BSE—colloquially known as 'Mad Cow Disease'—"has the potential to infect up to 10 million Britons." This scaremongering led to tens of thousands of perfectly healthy cattle being incinerated in huge funeral pyres and cost a billion pounds in compensation payments to farmers. A year later, the scientists tried to maintain that BSE "might" spread to sheep because, according to one white-coated expert, "the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence." This is the same kind of twisted claptrap we are hearing today.

This science-based insanity was repeated during the SARS outbreak of 2002-3. One of the leading contributors to this particular panic was Dr Patrick Dixon, who told the Daily Express: "We are in an urgent race to prevent a global SARS catastrophe, with cases doubling every two weeks and a 25 per cent chance that we are already too late to stop uncontrolled, explosive spread, possibly leading to many tens of millions of deaths." The rest of the British press quickly followed up the doctor's doom laden prediction that a plague "worse than Aids," was about to descend on this island. Not one Briton died—not a single one. Worldwide, SARS resulted in just 774 deaths in 17 countries.

Barely three years later, the same panic followed the outbreak of bird or avian flu in 2006. One scientist declared that "it will be the first pandemic of the 21st century," whilst the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a statement that "one in four Britons could die". Bear in mind this is the same organization whose advice the British Government is relying on during the current outbreak of Covid-19. During the height of the avian flu mania, the media went completely berserk, just as they have done now, with interviewers demanding that the government close all schools "to prevent up to 50,000 deaths." Sound familiar? Have any 'lessons been learned' from the previous panics we've enumerated? To paraphrase George Santayana's well-known remark: "Those who refuse to remember the past are doomed to repeat it." Well, they clearly are repeating it, but we are the ones paying the price! For, as we said earlier, at no time in the recent history of this country have such draconian measures been taken by any British Government to curtail the freedom of its citizens and destroy the economy.

The elephant in the isolation ward

The WHO estimates that between 290,000 and 650,000 people die every year from respiratory failure associated with seasonal influenza. The estimate takes into account findings from recent influenza respiratory mortality studies including a study conducted by the CDC, published in the Lancet in 2017 as well as other research. At the time we wrote this article the total number of deaths attributed to coronavirus throughout the world was less than 20,000. We have emphasized the word 'attributed' just as we emphasized the word 'may' earlier and for the same reason. There is considerable evidence that the actual number of deaths is very much lower than this due to the elephant in the isolation ward euphemistically called 'underlying health conditions.' We shall come back to this inconvenient but highly significant pachyderm shortly. On the lower of the two figures provided by WHO roughly 24,000 people die every month from seasonal flu. On the higher figure this rises to over 54,000. We also need to bear in mind that seasonal flu is most common during the autumn and winter months. According to the CDC flu activity increases in October, peaks between December and February and tails off in April. In other words, seasonal flu rarely persists longer than six months whilst the greater number of cases is spread over a period of just three months. If we take all this into consideration, the number of deaths from seasonal flu in an average year are ten times the total number of deaths attributed to Covid-19 so far.

The first death attributed to coronavirus was on 11 January 2020 when a man in his sixties died in Wuhan, in China—the origin of the outbreak. He was suffering from chronic liver disease and cancer, or, if you prefer 'underlying health conditions'—the elephant the mainstream media are trying to sweep under the carpet in their hysterical reporting. Turning now to the UK, the latest figures from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) show that the number of flu cases and deaths due to flu-related complications in England is around 17,000 a year. This varies greatly each winter, ranging from 1,692 deaths in 2018/19 to 28,330 deaths in 2014/15, which was a particularly bad season for flu. If we take the average of 17,000 and divide by six we get a total of about 2,800. The first death attributable to the virus in this country was recorded on 5 March when a woman in her 70's who, to quote BBC News "had been in and out of hospital for non-coronavirus reasons," tested positive for the virus. At the time of writing less than 500 deaths had been attributed to Covid-19 in the UK. This is less than one sixth or 18% of the number of deaths we would normally expect from seasonal flu during the same period. Only last week, the media gleefully reported the death of an 18-year-old British teenager who had tested positive for the virus. Once again, he is said to have had 'underlying health conditions' which, at the time of writing had not been disclosed. Can you see a theme emerging here? The DHSC admits that many of those who die from seasonal flu each year have underlying health conditions, just like almost all the victims of coronavirus so far, here and elsewhere in the world.

Nor is it only respiratory diseases that cut short people's lives. The UK Government's own table of deaths it considers 'avoidable' includes 31,307 from cardiovascular diseases for 2018, the last year for which figures were available. We have no reason to suppose the number of deaths last year was any less. More significant still, these fatalities were less than a third of the total number of 114,740 'avoidable' deaths in 2013. To put all these figures in perspective, less than 500 people have so far died in this county who tested positive for Covid-19. We repeat, 500—out of 114,000 'avoidable' deaths, less than 0.5%! The deaths attributed to Covid-19, while distressing and shocking, are not so numerous as to require the shutting down of transport, commerce and public amenities on a scale never before seen in this country, nor to surrender centuries-old liberties without so much as bleat of protest from any Government minister or the mainstream media. Truly, the goats are now in charge and the sheep are being led willingly to the shambles as we shall see in the next section when we examine the facts and compare and contrast them with the misinformation being pumped out by both governments and the media.

Facts versus fear and fallacies

We are constantly being warned of the supposedly devastating death rate from Covid-19. But at least one scientist, John Ioannidis, professor of medicine, epidemiology and biomedical data science at Stanford University in California is not so sure. He believes that much of the data are utterly unreliable. Writing in Stat News on 17 March, he says: "Reported case fatality rates, like the official 3.4% rate from the World Health Organization, cause horror—and are meaningless. The one situation where an entire, closed population was tested was the Diamond Princess cruise ship and its quarantine passengers. The case fatality rate there was 1.0%, but this was a largely elderly population, in which the death rate from Covid-19 is much higher." Professor Ioannidis goes on to say that adding together all the available sources of information, the most reasonable estimates for the case fatality ratio in the general U.S. population would be from 0.05% to 1%. He continues: "A fatality rate of 0.05% is lower than seasonal influenza. If that is the true rate, locking down the world with potentially tremendous social and financial consequences may be totally irrational. It's like an elephant being attacked by a house cat. Frustrated and trying to avoid the cat, the elephant accidentally jumps off a cliff and dies."

It would seem we're not the only ones using elephant similes to highlight the massive amount of misinformation being fed to the public to bolster the Government's draconian population control and isolation measures. We are reminded that when the Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels was asked how he was going to take away the freedoms of the German people, he is said to have laughed and replied: "It's easy to take away the people's freedoms. We just tell the public we are protecting them." This is precisely what the British Government is doing, aided and abetted by a mainstream media pumping out a never-ending tide of increasingly hysterical headlines which do nothing to calm the population, but on the contrary, feed the fear, panic buying and hoarding which is the real epidemic that has descended on this country. Here is a very small sample of the irresponsible headlines to be found in the mainstream press and online during the past week.

"Britain faces recession on a scale not seen in modern history."

"Millions could die and hospitals will be totally overwhelmed."

"Teen commits suicide rather than face self-isolation."

"Former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt warns ONE MILLION Brits will have caught the virus by next week."

"Prince Charles has the virus!"

So much for the fear, panic and misinformation, now for a few sobering facts. According to a report published by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS—Italian Institute of Health) on 17 March 2020, up to 99.2% of all of Italy's Covid-19 associated deaths could have been caused by pre-existing chronic conditions. Yes—that's right: 99.2%! In addition to this startling statistic the report contains some important facts, every one of which has been ignored by the mainstream media. The median age of those who tested positive for Covid-19 and subsequently died is 79.5 for men and 83.7 for women. More than 90% of the deceased were over 70 years old and only 0.8% of them had no pre-existing chronic illnesses.

Approximately 75% of the deceased had two or more pre-existing conditions, 50% had three more pre-existing conditions, in particular heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Five of the deceased were between 31 and 39 years old, all of them with serious pre-existing health conditions (e.g. cancer or heart disease). The report goes on to say that it has not yet been determined what these patients ultimately died of and only refers to them in general terms as Covid-19 positive attributable deaths. Let us pause here and consider what these statistics mean, bearing in mind that after China, Italy has the highest number of recorded deaths associated with the virus of any country in the world.

As we have seen, almost all (99.2%) of Italian Covid-19 related deaths were already gravely ill with something else, and ISS hasn't actually determined whether they died of Covid-19 at all. This means it's entirely possible that hundreds, even thousands of deaths in Italy (and perhaps the rest of the world) are being mistakenly attributed to Covid-19 rather than the heart disease, cancer, emphysema, diabetes or whichever comorbidity actually caused the death. Let's pause again and do some simple arithmetic. The report published by ISS is based on 2,978 pandemic-related deaths. If 99.2% of those were already suffering from one or more 'underlying medical conditions', the remainder were not. 0.8% of 2978 is just under 24. Which means, that only 24 people died with no comorbidity at all. Moreover, the report does not say what the age or social circumstances of the 0.8% were.

But it is not all doom and gloom. On 24 March China reported a drop in new confirmed coronavirus cases to just 47, all of them in travellers returning home, down from 78 infections reported a day earlier. On 25 March Reuters reported that life has started returning to normal in Hubei province, epicentre of China's coronavirus outbreak. After two months of lockdown traffic controls have been lifted, construction has resumed and people are once more catching buses and trains across once-shut borders. Needless to add, very little of this good news is being reported by the British mainstream media.


What has all this to do with Occult Science? Nothing and everything. Nothing, because, as we said in our introduction, Covid-19 doesn't come within the scope of occultism. Everything, because the fear, panic, disorder and distress which the outbreak of the virus has caused, most certainly does. Anything that hides the truth, that curtails Man's God-given freedom of thought and action and retards his spiritual progress is of the utmost importance to those of us on the path to the Light. It is not our intention to dismiss the serious risks Covid-19 poses to a minority of our fellowmen and women. But it would be equally wrong of us not to condemn the draconian measures introduced by the British Government on 23 March which passed through Parliament without any opposition. These have done nothing to reassure an already panicked and fearful population and are out of all proportion to the severity of the threat posed by Covid-19.

One UK journalist writes: "I think we can commemorate March 23, 2020, as the day Parliament died." We agree, though this venerable institution hasn't had much life in it for a very long time. This day may also mark the beginning of the end of our economy and ancient freedoms. The wealth that should pay our pensions is shrivelling as share values plunge to unheard of depths. The pound has lost a huge part of its value. Governments all over the world are resorting to risky, frantic measures which make Jeremy Corbyn's magic money tree look like frugal fiscal policy. We would like to conclude this investigation with our own paraphrase of pastor Martin Niemöller's well-known confession:

"First they closed the pubs and cafes, and I didn't speak out—
Because I'm a teetotaller and don't drink coffee.

Then they closed the restaurants and shops, and I didn't speak out—
Because I don't eat out and shop online.

Then they closed all the businesses, and I didn't speak out—
Because I'm retired and don't work.

Then they stopped my pension because the money tree was bare—
But there was no one left to speak for me."

All the crudest weapons of despotism, the restriction of movement, the presumption of guilt and the power of arbitrary arrest, are now a reality in what used to be a free country. The British, who like to boast how calm they are in a crisis, seem to have exchanged their hard-won freedoms for a supply of toilet paper and hand sanitizer without a squeak of protest. You couldn't make it up.

© Copyright Article published 25 March 2020. Updated 20 June 2021.

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