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We receive many emails from readers. Some ask us questions which, if we have not answered them in our articles, may be added to our Occult FAQ or are answered privately. Some readers contribute their thoughts in the form of articles or short stories (see sidebar). Many more write simply to say 'thank you', and these form the majority of the comments we publish below.

We take no personal credit for these kind words, or our readers' contributions. As we say on our About page, we have simply attempted to gather together some fragments of the Ancient Wisdom and present it in a modern way. Surprisingly we receive very few unkind emails. Whether this is because we seldom attract the wrong kind of reader or the inherent laziness of the inept and quarrelsome, we should not like to say! However, in the interest of balance we publish the negative comments we receive too. We have answered some comments where we felt a response was required or helpful. These are shown in a box below the reader's comment. Most recent comments are shown first. Some comments have been grouped together under a common heading when they all refer to a particular article or subject. Older comments are archived.

Readers' Comments

General comments

The following moving comments received from a new reader speak for themselves. We publish them because they are very typical of many emails we receive from deeply troubled individuals who have suffered greatly through their involvement in the so-called 'occult' which, as you can read elsewhere on our website, is not what it is generally thought to be.

"I'd like to, first, thank you for the great work you're doing. Your website is finally helping me to find some much needed clarity in my life. Let me explain. Since 2010 I have been threading the "occult jungle" (love the term you coined). It all started when a huge box came from Amazon at great expense filled with Chaos Magick books. I read a lot. Did nothing of any value but some sigils here and there. Some of the stuff I got from the books helped me here and there, but the TRUTH and PURPOSE I was looking for still eluded me.

"For much of my life I was a sex addict. No, not a SEX addict: a MASTURBATION addict. And by that I mean watching the worst kind evil sadistic porn. I got off on imagined scenes of myself being subjugated by women, forced to do various things and even devoured alive. The thing I needed the most was to leave all of this behind. I STILL DO. And then along comes CROWLEY, and suddenly I have NOWHERE TO GO, for sex and lust are SACRED, and his Book of the Law is about the strong ruling over the week. Most other 'chaos magicians' online are lustful individuals into Tantra and personal power. BLACK MAGIC is rife in Brazil. So there I was, finally feeling like a complete loser with nowhere to turn to. The whole universe seemed satanic and focused on stomping all over the weak, and I WAS THAT WEAK ONE.

"Your articles helped me realize I should dump all these ideas. That they are WRONG. That I SHOULD focus on SPIRIT OVER THE BODY AND THE ANIMAL SIDE. This may seem like a very naive observation, but my time in the Occult Jungle really fried my brain and my sense of what is good and evil. I needed someone to bring me back to my senses. To appeal to my better nature. I now firmly believe that I have a purpose and a path to a higher purpose. Words fail to express the light and life your website gives me daily. Each article contains so much wisdom."

(Reader from Brazil)

"I write to you because your website is the first time I have encountered any writings by anyone presently alive who truly cares for the Truth. It gives me hope that, even in this age in which darkness spreads its shady pinions of disease over the earth, there are still a few who, in the depth of their hearts, seek the spiritual growth of humanity."

(Reader from the USA)

"I am a genuine seeker and have found you just at the right time! A few weeks ago, I was powerfully drawn to astrology but after researching for hours and hours online, I was left with a feeling that I wasn't getting the whole picture (if the right picture at all), so thank you for confirming my suspicions and I look forward to studying the books you recommend."

(Reader from the U. K.)

"It has been nearly two years since stumbling across your most excellent website, and it has only just occurred to me that I have never taken the time to stop and say thank you for creating such an inspirational and content rich site for all who so choose to freely enjoy. Please accept my sincerest apologies for this oversight.

"The world that has opened up to me as a direct result of the articles on your website, and the books and organisations etc., that you recommend, has been nothing short of revelatory and has set me upon a path of inspiration and learning that I truly had no idea such even existed."

(Reader from Australia)

"The words fail to express the light and life your website gives me daily. Each article contains so much wisdom. This is what I have always wanted.

"To give you an example of how many mistakes I have avoided, only now do I understand why I should not become rich unless God deems it necessary. I read again the article 'The adept and the imp', 'The Jihadi and Jinn' and 'The lure of the law of attraction'. Only now do I understand what it means to loose your soul. What it means to be tempted. What it means to experience the hell realms or the lower astral regions...(the book Symphonie Fantastique is also helpful).

"It's so important to read these articles...only now do I understand how privileged I am. I perfect myself daily increasing the power of my Higher Self and diminishing the power of my Lower Self. So, I realize now that this world is an illusion. I can bring Heaven inside me here but I should stay away from the temptations and find the real Heaven after death."

(Reader from Indonesia)

"Thank you for your article about the law of attraction. I cannot tell you how much I like it, I loved the way you explained everything applying the hermetic laws principles, common sense, Truth and quotes from sacred texts and books. I really enjoyed it so much. Everything about it. Thanks again."

(Reader from South America)

"I'm not sure how you can state you're speaking the truth and other people are wrong (that's a red flag right there) but how exactly are you going to advance spiritually while still contributing to the torture and slaughter of other sentient beings? Its not about what goes in your mouth, it's about the lack of care for another."

(Reader from the USA)

We assume this reader is referring to vegetarianism. However, our stats show that they spent less than ten minutes on our website during which they read our answer to the question "Is vegetarianism necessary for spiritual progress?" in our Occult Faq, but did not bother to follow the link to our in-depth article on this subject. Had they done so, and thoroughly studied that article, they might have reached a different conclusion, then again, perhaps not!

"I am very grateful, to you, and the Divine, for all the Wisdom contained in these pages! It is truly a Gift in how accessible it is, while also not being diluted. I have only recently begun to dig into it, and I have much to learn. I have been reminded that I am indeed a fool, and none too soon."

(Reader from the USA)

"In your opinion most occultist books today are worthless, that much is clear. I must say your "classicist" kind always put a commoner like me under confusion. The way you act, your opinions, are VERY misunderstood by me. I never did manage to realize why you think what you think. And no, it isn't clear as you think it is. You seem unaware of it for some reason."

(Reader from the USA)

"I have just finished reading the excellent and informative series of articles on Tibetan Buddhism and am in your debt once again, for this is a subject on which I am sadly uninformed. I have purchased one of the books you highly recommend and look forward to reading it.

"I am in a slight state of shock at the negative language and thoughts expressed by the American reader whose message you recently published [see following comment—Editors]. Good grief. But then, this type of thing is not uncommon in our current world, is it? Sometimes I feel as if I want to run as fast as I can to a place of retreat and never come out! Yes...I know...that is not why I am here. Thank goodness for the beauty of Nature and of Truth to act as comforting balms to my soul.

"My personal path led me long ago away from the dogmatic, stale, tedium of orthodox religion which stifles, even crushes the natural tendency to want more; to desire to learn and grow; to progress as each of us are meant to do. It appears this is enough for most, and I do know religion offers a sense of community and a modicum of truth amid the nonsense. However, for me, it was actually painful to attend, for my spirit wanted so much more than to be told I was wicked if I drank coffee or tea! I'm smiling again, because the absurdity of some of the inanities put forth by well meaning (?) humans can't help but amuse.

"I love my quiet, personal, even 'secret' path, for those of us who journey toward the Light know the path is a pearl we cannot share. Hence the occasional loneliness. This is why finding your website has been and continues to be such a joy and a comfort to me.

"Your articles lift my spirits up, up, up, and help me to be at Peace. I am not only writing to express this deep gratitude, but to feel, just for a moment, a wee bit of fellowship with others of like mind, thus quelling the loneliness I sometimes feel. How I would love to sit by a cosy fire and share a cup of tea with all of you! On that note, I guess I will quit my meanderings and go curl up by the fire myself. It's snowing heavily today and all is white as far as the eye can see. Brrrrrr!"

(Rose Wood, from the USA)

Rose Wood has written Letting go for us which you can read elsewhere on our website.

"I've been very frustrated reading through your website and I just can't help but wonder; who are you? Do you belong to some great occult school? Why listen to what you have to say as opposed to all the other people out there? I'm not seeing any reason why you guys have any special authority that others don't...LOL fuck this insane bullshit, bye."

(Reader from the USA)

As we say in our introduction above, we receive surprisingly few negative comments from readers. We have chosen to publish this one because it is typical of the laziness and impatience many 'seekers' suffer from. Had this individual bothered to actually read any of our articles, or only our About page, rather than quickly skimming through our entire website in a matter of minutes (as ours statistics show they did), they would have found the answers to their criticisms and perhaps learnt something to their advantage...

Comments about The Magic of Egypt

"I wish to offer my congratulations and praise on your new article, The Magic of Egypt. Your short article is packed with a wealth of information, intrigue and beauty, and the last paragraph of your introduction is one of the most beautiful I have ever read, not just regarding Egypt, but on any subject. It is clear that the writer has a genuine love of Egypt, and clearly sees and remembers the sights, sounds and lives spent in that marvellous age of wonder. Their imagination and love is passed on to us through these memories and words that may well rouse past recollections in our imaginations. I share in your hope that this article will open the eyes of your readers to the majesty and wonder of Egypt, and as I can only speak for myself, I tell you that you have inspired and helped me to see and remember the wondrous Light and Beauty once again while I read through your article."

(Reader from Ireland)

Comments about The Adept and the Imp

"Thanks for this beautiful story. It has really helped me change my view. I have always thought that if I had enough money I would be able to help humanity and be of service to my fellow men and women. But I had the wrong idea of helping people, the story and the afterword made it very clear. 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions'. I would have walked through a dangerous path. I will no longer chase riches to be able to help people. You made me realize that this is not the way to do good. The adept is even offered the whole world—the opportunity to end all earthly suffering. But he refused, knowing that through suffering humanity evolves and without a change in the way of thinking everything would remain the same. I will continue to make money as I think I have a talent for it and really like business, to sustain myself and my family and choose to do good through little and anonymous acts that change the cause directly instead of the effect."

(Reader from South America)

Comments about the books and teachings of Franz Bardon

"I stumbled upon your site while searching for information about Franz Bardon, as I had started using his book Initiation Into Hermetics as a means to begin to familiarize myself with the Mysteries and hopefully work towards becoming an Initiate myself. After spending nearly a year with the book and being continually confused by some of his explanations and exercises, I've realized the uneasy feeling I've had while working through the steps is a direct result of the "half-truths" you allude to in your article. For that I am sincerely grateful! To be clear, I have learned some valuable insights from Initiation Into Hermetics, but as you said, none of it was knowledge that couldn't be found from older, more enlightened sources."

(Reader from the USA)

"A good friend has just started to become interested in Bardon. They sent me links to videos, asking for my opinion and assessment. The videos are presented by suspiciously young people, males in particular, promoting him with great enthusiasm. (Red Flag #1: when young males are excited it's usually testosterone related.) One video speaker even talks, with a smile no less, about conjuring elementals to do one's bidding—isn't that fun?!

"I was taught by a trusted source 40 years ago these little elementals being the equivalent of gremlins after being doused in water (my description) from the lower/astral realms. I don't actually know if they are real, but do I want to find out? Anyway, I follow the path of wisdom and truth, looking for fallacious remarks to dissect people as well as through understanding human nature and information. You pointed out in the article regarding Bardon that he alludes to the sexual aspect in spirituality. Red Flag #2. I know that when on the true spiritual path, sex has its place in union of love between two people, not for the path of getting to spirituality. In fact, if it's emphasized as a secret avenue, you can bet that avenue's secret is another path altogether, while hijacking spiritual terms to make it magically appear legitimate. My favourite term to use is 'Bullshit.'

"Your article was very well thought out and well written! Great analysis on Bardon. I will be perusing your website little bits at a time since there appears to be too much to read for one sitting. I'm happy to have found this site, purely by accident as the first link on a Google search, which caught my eye by the title. I totally enjoy the humour!"

(Reader from the USA)

"I practiced Franz Bardon for almost 9 years. I reached to the eighth step. Then after a while I noticed there is a small voice in me telling me to avoid it. Finally in 2005 I brought it to an end. I knew everything you explained in your article because I heard this same small voice telling me everything you explained. Bardon is very, very misleading and dangerous. Right now I know I am on the safe and right path. I wish I had known your website 15 years ago."

(Reader from Canada)

"Who are other then somebody cutting Bardon to ribbons explain what you have done for else what hocus-pocus you Franz Bardon was a magician that was a real life man that could pull disease off others what secret teachings do you have to pass on to others."

(Reader from the USA)

This comment speaks for itself. Or rather it doesn't, as the reader appears to have as tenuous a grasp of English spelling and grammar as they do of the work of Franz Bardon. You can find rather more coherent and sensible comments about the Czech occultist below.

"The big drawback for me in Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics is the lack of a Teacher or Mentor, without which I became convinced I was never going to get very far following his system. In the words of a very wise and highly capable Initiate. "If you are learning from books, you are a Neophyte." Don't take this wrong, I'm the lowest of Neophytes, but it is a point that all Initiates have agreed upon and why a Teacher is stressed by these same Initiates. Bardon himself had students, so it is obvious that Bardon stressed the importance of having a Teacher. He didn't just throw them a copy of Initiation into Hermetics and say: "here you go, this is all you need," because a Teacher can do things for the Aspirant that he can't do for himself. This is the main reason I gave up on Bardon and why I agree with much (but not everything) you say in your article."

(Reader from the USA)

"I would like to thank you for the work you published regarding Franz Bardon's work. I am a person in the quest of occult knowledge, science, and wisdom. I came across Bardon's book, Initiation into Hermetics, as a young kid. Growing up my thirst for spiritual elevation accrued and so, I decided to research Bardon's work and actually bought all 4 books. His language has certainly been quite convincing overall which strengthened the appeal of his work.

"Oddly enough, I have had these books for over 3 years, always wanted to get started 'on the path to initiation' but something always held me back. Recently, I convinced myself to get started but doubts regarding his credibility and authority built up. And, divine providence led me to research these two subjects to confirm my commitment which is how I came across your article. Thank you again for disallowing, through your work, any ill fate that I could have encountered had I pursued his work."

(Reader from the USA)

"Thank you for your well written piece on Franz Bardon. I myself walked this path for around ten years. It never 'sat' well with me, and my dream time became a maze of numbers and words to dazzle. I do look forward to reading more of you pieces. Again, many thanks to you."

(Reader from the UK)

"When I first encountered Bardon's Der Weg zum Wahren Adepten in the late 70's after wasting years on teachers like Steiner, Dion Fortune and others I was bowled over. But I quickly became disillusioned as I worked my way through his other two books and realized he was peddling pure black magic thinly disguised with pious platitudes."

(Reader from Germany)

Comments about Occult symbolism

"This is a simple thank you for your wisdom and insight into the mysteries of this world. I am a professional musician who was raised in the religious Midwest of the US and grew up with the biblical stories in my bones. In college I started to learn of other religions and really question my beliefs. I became a vehement atheist and tried to convert others with a verve that was only matched by when I was hoping to convert others to Christianity.

"All through my twenties I gave religion very little respect and became part of the new atheist movement. Only after having children did I come back to reflect on how important my upbringing was. People like you and the knowledge that you seek to impart is so needed in this world and I am truly grateful for the time and care you have put into your words and research on this website. I coincidentally came across your website while doing research for my upcoming production of Die Zauberflöte.

"Consequently, your insights into the true meaning of Mozart's opera are absolutely invaluable to me. I have been searching for years on how to best interpret this opera. What is sad to me is the fact at just how ignorant nearly everyone is to the type of information and truths that you are dispensing. As I said I have only recently come back to my spiritual side and it is because of people like you and the wisdom I have gained that have allowed me to become a more unified persona. I feel that your wisdom is needed in a very mainstream way and that more and more are seeking the knowledge that you are giving. Thank you again and I hope that your website will be discovered by many more truth seekers in the days that follow."

(Reader from the USA)

"I have been reading your Story of Atlantis article and on the Critias part of the article I started to think that maybe the whole description starting from this paragraph is an allegory for humans.

"First of all they bridged over the zones of sea which surrounded the ancient metropolis, making a road to and from the royal palace. And at the very beginning they built the palace in the habitation of the god and of their ancestors, which they continued to ornament in successive generations, every king surpassing the one who went before him to the utmost of his power, until they made the building a marvel to behold for size and for beauty."

"The road is a reference to our connection to the divine and God. The palace can be a reference to the higher mind and its evolution through reincarnation. The ornamentation being what we learn through each and every of our different lives, each king the new life and each life being wiser than the former one until the "building" is ready to proceed in the path of evolution.

"I am not sure if I am right, I have been trying to practice the identification of allegories and metaphors on different texts."

(Reader from South America)

We have nothing to add to this reader's interpretation which is correct in every way. We hope it will encourage other readers to really THINK about the concealed meaning in sacred texts and myths of all kinds.

Comments about Astral Conversations

"Bombast and Flitterflop have given me hours of joy and laughter, and also answered many questions and reaffirmed some beliefs I held. Only yesterday I read a news article that appeared to promote the benefits(?) of ayahuasca for people with drug addictions and people with psychological problems. I was completely stunned that they would openly do such an irresponsible thing. I also came across a website where a woman brags about the benefits of ayahuasca and how mother(?) ayahuasca helped her with her personal problems. After listening to some of her interviews I feel that her troubles have only begun.

"I feel sorry for all the young people that are duped into drug taking. There are many conspiracy theorists who promote ayahuasca use as a way to activate the pineal gland and have mystical experiences and somehow be free of this world. But how can a person get free if they destroy their navigational equipment with drugs and wrong thinking? Leading oneself astray through wrong thinking is one thing, but leading tens of thousands of other people astray through ones own wrong thinking is a debt to humanity that seems to me very difficult if not impossible to repay. I pray that the above-mentioned ayahuasca numpties will soon see the Light and share the Light with their misguided followers. I also pray that many people will be guided to your beautiful website and have the benefit and privilege of learning true Wisdom. Even if they only have a good chuckle at the adventures of Bombast and Flitterflop it will be a worthwhile visit."

(Reader from Australia)

"I truly enjoyed reading 'Masters of Mischief' and cracked up quite a bit throughout the reading, starting right from the beginning with the names chosen for the two endearing characters. You got to love Bombast and Flitterflop! I think T-shirts should be made in their honour with 'I am such a Bombast' at the front, and 'Flitterflop? Oui, c'est moi!' at the back."

(Reader from France)

"Tripping out with Shamans' is a fantastic, well researched and convincing article. If my past idiocy helps lead some people to the truth from reading it I'll be happy."

(Reader from the UK)

"Thank you so much for 'Out to lunch with Tibetan Lamas'. I was almost brought to tears of revelation and joy reading the commentary on 'the cult of the masters'. And the humour and wise words contained within the main article was much appreciated."

(Reader from the UK)

"I am thoroughly enjoying Bombast and Flitterflop's all too familiar musings. Many of your readers must be as worn out as I am with all those benevolent ETs, channelers, secret space programmes, upcoming ascensions and DNA activations. Not to mention space lizards!!"

(Reader from the UK)

Comments about the books of J Michaud PhD

"I found The Teachings of Li Wang Ho difficult to read. I had difficulty getting past the 'white devils'. But I forced myself to read it. The more I read, the angrier I became. I saw the whole book as a movie in my head. At first reading it just seems like a whole lot of mumbo jumbo, meaningless (in the everyday world) quaint sayings and gross hypocrisy from Mr Li Wang Ho and his elevated students and his annoying suffering student Lu Shun. To preach about the evils of wealth and luxury and opulence and fame while living in the lap of wealth and luxury and opulence and fame seems a tad hypocritical. I had such a strong negative reaction to the book that I shocked myself especially since all the other books by Dr Michaud had such a strong positive reaction on me.

How could this be a book by Dr Michaud (the Rembrandt of writing)? So I read it again and again (grudgingly). Then I had to have a little think about it. I tried to see the story as a Alchemical tale. Don't misunderstand me, the book is beautifully written, truly lovely and filled with light. It's just that upon first reading I tripped and fell over the 'white devils' and that set the tone for my warlike brain. The door was firmly slammed shut on the higher faculties and my unreasonable reasoning mind dissected the story with a pair of scissors. It's like having two people arguing in one's head. One person is saying 'calm down , there is a deeper meaning' and the other person is angrily rebuking the other 'get lost you and your book!' So I will need to read The Teachings of Li Wang Ho many more times to be able to derive any benefit from it. Oh well I will have to look at it as a puzzle to be solved."

(Reader from New Zealand)

"Thank you putting Dr Michaud's sublime works on your site. I searched high and low for these ever since a treasured friend leant me their copy of The Quest of Ruru. It is such a pity these books are almost totally ignored. I recommend them to lots of people but most are only interested in having their own preconceived ideas confirmed and quickly go back to whatever fantasies they follow."

(Reader from Norway)

"I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for this site. The Quest of Ruru is most divine and touches my soul in ways I can't describe and I only dream of having an experience like that."

(Reader from the USA)

"The Quest of Ruru, is the best book I have ever read. I really had to fight back the tears and it moved me in ways I have no words for."

(Reader from the USA)

"I have just found your website last evening and I am so moved with gratitude that I am forced to write you. My husband passed away two months ago and I have been so filled with grief and sorrow. I've wondered why and contemplated if I was intended to end my very life by my despair. But in the limited reading I've done on your website, I find the following, in The Quest of Ruru, it is said that: "grief is the Key of the Gods with which they unlock the portals of our Minds, so that we may behold the higher things of the Spirit, which is true Bliss; while in earthly things lies hidden the evil worm of unhappiness." Despite my beliefs in yin/yang, I had never thought of my grief leading me to what I've always aspired with no earthly idea of how to obtain. I am so glad for your website, your work, your teachings, your efforts and your kindness in making this public. Thank you."

(Reader from Spain)

"I just want to thank you for your wonderful website. I wanted to learn what the occult really was, and I was really surprised and touched by you contents. I have read all five books by Michaud, and I wanted to thank you for putting these amazing books for the seekers to read. My life has been full of much doubt and many questions and I now know that all was a preparation to find your beautiful website, which I found because something inside told me to; I was researching about esotericism and such subjects and about the left hand path, but after reading some of their content I was pushed away from that and searched what occultism really is from your website."

(Reader from Mexico)

"I'm about 3/4 of the way through Symphonie Fantastique and am gaining some understanding of this amazing piece of work. I fear this is the kind of book one could read over and over and still miss parts of the story.

"I have been studying the occult (not practicing, I don't feel I know enough to try and feel strongly this isn't something one shouldn't try out of curiosity) for several years now as well as studying religions and their origins. I find it sad that for the most part, the people of the world have turned away from some of these teachings whilst blaming either corruption of religious leaders or the wars that happen under the guise of religion. Nearly everyone I know agrees that the ten commandments are actually a pretty good set of rules, but devalue them based on the above.

"I have read a lot of new age literature and none of it has sat particularly well on me, the lousy explanations, vague insinuations and outright greed that is displayed by most of these practitioners who promise to divulge if you can only pay them £19.99 for it... It all seems like the rot that has infiltrated our planet, material crap that takes us further from the truth. I will be reading through the rest of your site with much interest."

(Reader from the UK)

You can read a personal appreciation of the writings of J Michaud PhD by a grateful reader elsewhere on our website.

Comments about our Occult Studies Course

"This course has been an immense eye opener for me. And I am left humble and grateful that I 'stumbled' upon your site. I think that the most important thing I have learned from this course is how little I know about anything, and that I truly wish to study Occult Science for the rest of my remaining days.

"Another important thing for me is the way it has changed my everyday life. The concept of being of service to my fellow men and women has become important for me in a new way. It is such an immense task and I feel that I barely understand a fraction of what it means and what it implies. I realised that 'being of service' to the poor man living on the street by giving him a cent or two might not be so hard, but 'being of service' to my children or to my husband when my patience is tested, that is quite a challenge.

"I do not know if I have understood a bit of this concept correctly, but I think that a part of 'being of service' is about being able to control my lower self when I am involved with people. I can see the difference in the reaction of my children and my husband in the cases where I am able not to react with anger or impatience. I can't help but think that this in some way also helps them to be more in contact with the positive forces instead of the negative conditions. And if I can see what my actions are creating then part of my service to my fellow men and women must be to strive to act in ways that lifts them up. I look forward to learning a lot more in the years to come."

(Reader from Denmark)

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this website and your occult studies course up for me to stumble upon. It has truly been my guiding light for the past few years. There have been times when I stray from the path, following this or that teaching. After a while, without fail, I get disillusioned with those teachings and come back to this website to be reminded of the simplicity and truth of the teachings contained herein. Words cannot express my gratitude."

(Reader from the USA)

"Now that I am in my late 40's it is nice to find your website and be reintroduced to these teachings. I hate that it took this long, but everything has its reasons. I have truly enjoyed your occult studies course and the addition readings that I try to check into daily. I am currently reading the Michaud books which should keep me busy for awhile. Thanks again for your kindness and dedication of time and energy to providing this information to people like myself. I am unable to express how grateful I am."

(Reader from Canada)

"There is so much information out there that it's so hard to sort the true from the false. Reading your occult studies course is like a veil has lifted and I can see clearly. So many of the answers I have been searching for all my life are right there and to my surprise I find I understand everything."

(Reader from New Zealand)

"I want to thank you for showing me that there are truly educated idiots out there. You people wouldn't know enlightenment if it smacked you in the face. You're religious idiots that think getting closer to a possibly fictional deity is enlightenment. You people are liars and you know nothing."

(Reader from the USA)

The only part of this comment that we can fully agree with is that we know nothing. It's interesting that the reader hedges their bets regarding the existence of Deity by using the noun 'possibly'. Guilty conscience—possibly? The rest of their remarks speak for themselves!

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