Frying tonight!

A salutary story about the weaponisation of warmth, the scourge of sunshine and the evils of Net Zero

Guest article by Gabrielle Annunziato

Introduction by Occult Mysteries

This new contribution from Gabrielle Annunziato exposes the evil lunacy of 'Net Zero' in no uncertain terms. There will be some readers who think that this is not a subject for levity, much less humour. Or that it has nothing to do with Occult Science. They couldn't be more wrong. Humour is the only way we know to cope with the insanity of Net Zero. Attempts to eliminate an element (carbon) essential to all life on Earth and a gas (carbon dioxide) without which every plant on the planet would die, can only be described as collective insanity on a scale never witnessed before. Yet millions throughout the world believe that Net Zero is necessary to save the planet from overheating. Gabrielle Annunziato suggests it's their brains that are overheating. Her satirical story, article and our Afterword seek to explain why so many otherwise intelligent people have swallowed the insidious lies of Net Zero. One of the main objectives of Occult Science is to expose evil in whatever guise it may appear. When that evil takes away our God-given freedom and threatens to destroy the Earth and every living thing upon it, it is vital to shine a penetrating light on it and oppose it with all our being.

The themes Gabrielle handles and the points she makes were covered to some extent in our article on Climate change published last year, but she goes much further in exposing Net Zero for the evil and dangerous hoax it is. Our customary Afterword compliments and expands on her story and discussion, exploding the myths which have become articles of religious faith among the fanatical adherents of Net Zero. In doing so, both we and Gabrielle seek to reveal the insidious agenda which is driving this insane cult. For make no mistake, Net Zero IS a cult, or a fanatical religion if you prefer. It has its prelates — the so-called 'experts' whose doom-laden pronouncements are spread far and wide by its priesthood — the faux journalists and presenters of the mainstream media. These prognosticators of pandemonium are in no wise different from the fanatics of the Catholic Church who, in previous ages strove to keep the faithful sheep in a constant state of fear and obedience. But all is not doom and gloom. As we shall see, the very insanity and sheer impracticability of Net Zero means it is very unlikely that its worst aims will ever be realized.

Readers who are unfamiliar with Gabrielle Annunziato's previous contributions will find a complete list of all the pieces she has sent us over the years at the end of the sidebar, as well as on our Homepage.

I have been wanting to write about Nut Zero (as it has been called) for a very long time. But some new event designed to depress us even further always conspired to stop me. First it was the so-called 'pandemic' and pointless lockdowns. Then the proxy war in Ukraine and the virtue-signalling which came with it. Then my daughter got herself 'excluded' from school. I did warn her that repeating mummy's forthright views on women with willies would not go down well during RSE discussions, but would she listen? No, she wouldn't. For good or ill, she takes after her opinionated mum! RSE stands for "relationships and sex education." The non-woke kids like my daughter have their own word for it but it's too rude to mention, so I won't. Hubby and I spent many anxious months trying to find a new school that would accept our "disruptive and abusive" child. Eventually we found what is rapidly becoming as rare as an honest politician — an almost woke-free private school that was prepared to overlook our daughter's thought crimes. The school that kicked her out didn't call them thought crimes; it called them "continued and serious breaches of DEI policy." What upset her the most was the Head teacher’s remark that her "cruel and disruptive behaviour threatened the welfare and safety of pupils and staff." This is a thirteen-year-old girl who catches spiders in a glass jar and carries them outside and once nursed a sick blackbird back to health. For those of you who have been fortunate enough to live under a duvet for the last few years 'DEI' or DIE as I prefer to re-arrange the acronym, means 'Diversity, Equality and Inclusion.' It's vocal supporters claim it makes everyone equal and fosters diversity and inclusivity.

Not if you're the white child of white heterosexual Anglo-Italian parents, it doesn't. Not if you're fluent in four languages and miles ahead of your classmates in reading, writing and arithmetic, it doesn't. In today's full-on woke schools you can't be cleverer than your classmates. That's unequal as it excludes thick kids. You can't be white because that's not diverse. Above all, you mustn't think for yourself or question anything you're told, no matter how bonkers. Expressing a different opinion to your brainwashed schoolmates and indoctrinated teacher isn't inclusive. It's 'hate speech' and punished by exclusion. Reading, writing and arithmetic used to be called the 'three 'Rs' when I went to school. They have long since been kicked into touch in favour of — you guessed it — DIE and its gender-bending indoctrination. But the straw that finally broke the camel's back — that well and truly gave me the hump — was the cancellation of our holiday booking to Rhodes because of the 'wild fires'. My daughter had looked forward to it all year and was heartbroken after what she'd been put through by her school. And there, dear readers, you have the reason for the short story you're about to read. I hope it will make you smile, even laugh. It should certainly make you angry. The alternative is to cry your eyes out at the madness being foisted upon us. Like the authors of this incomparable website, I prefer to laugh. At least that way I stand some chance of staying sane!

fying tonight

Frying tonight!

All across the country travel agents have been crying into their skinny lattes as holidaymakers cancel their summer breaks in response to the unprecedented heatwave. Temperatures as high as 25° centigrade in Spain have torched off a tsunami of warnings of doom and destruction. Last week the BBC reported Europe was roasting in the hellish heat of Gehenna. This week it's Iblis who's fanning the flames of the global inferno. Droves of hysterical young women are cancelling their annual drink-fuelled shagathons in Corfu. But it's not just the young who are terrified of the scorching breath of Iblis as the following conversation reveals. . .


"Idris who?" asked a bespectacled forty-something when his wife told him the world was on fire.

"Not Idris, Roy, IBLIS. Idris Shah was a Sufi writer. The BBC mean Iblis, the Muslim devil. He presides over the flames of hell according to the Koran.

"What's the Koran got to do with our fortnight in Rhodes, Rita?"

"Oh, Roy, you're such an idiot. The BBC are trying to educate idiots like you that the world is on fire. The devil lives in hell, Roy. It's hot there. But not as hot as Rhodes. According to the BBC wildfires are raging all over the island. Even the sea is on fire."

"How can the sea be on fire?"

"How should I know, Roy? When have the BBC ever been wrong about anything?"

"Well...there was that time in 1987. The BBC said there wouldn't be a hurricane. Then there was and they sacked the bloke who said there wasn't."

"What hurricane? I don't remember any hurricane."

"That's because you were only four at the time and could barely read. Anyway, some hysterical woman rang up the BBC to tell them she'd heard there was a hurricane on the way. The BBC said not to worry, there wasn't. Later they said there was. Then they sacked the weatherman who'd said there wasn't. The country was battered by winds of over 100mph. Hundreds of thousands of homes were left without electricity. The hurricane killed 18 people. According to the BBC it was the worst storm since 1703."

"Oh, Roy, you're such an idiot. What are you?"

"Such an idiot," he repeated submissively.

"Do try to keep up, Roy. The BBC didn't have computers in 1987. They don't make mistakes like that now. You'd better ring the travel agent right away and cancel."

Roy picked up the phone and dialled the travel agent. "Hello," he said, "I'd like to cancel our holiday in Rhodes."

The travel agent covered the phone with his hand and, turning to a young woman sitting opposite, muttered: "Another nutter, Lucy. That'll make twelve so far today and it's only ten-thirty. "Name?" he asked.

"Roy Postlethwaite."


"27 West End Lane, Esher, Surrey."

"Why do you want to cancel?"

"The BBC say it's really hot."

"In Esher?"

"No, Rhodes, where we're going."

The travel agent sighed. "It's summer, Sir. It’s always hot on Rhodes in the summer."

"I know," said Roy, "but the BBC say it's dangerously hot. Even the sea is on fire."

The travel agent swallowed two aspirin and washed them down with a generous swig of amber liquid from the half empty bottle on his desk. "Actually, the temperature in Rhodes town has been in the low 20s all week and is forecast to remain below 30 due to low pressure sitting over southern Turkey. Quite cool, actually, for the time of year."

"Er. . .but what about the raging wildfires?" objected Roy.

"Well, there was a fire in Archangelos on Monday that damaged a few cars, but that's 18 miles away from where you're staying. The police have now put the fire out and arrested the Extinction Rebellion activists who torched the local mayor's Range Rover Sport."

"The BBC said that wildfires had engulfed the airport."

"Sir. . ." replied the travel agent wearily, "I think you’ll find the BBC used clips of wildfires in Malaga to make it look like they were happening in Rhodes."

"Isn't that in Rhodes?"

"No. Malaga is on the Costa del Sol."

"Isn't that near Rhodes?"

"No, it's over 1,000 miles away in Spain, Sir."

"I'm confused now. Should we cancel or not?"

"I couldn't possibly say, Sir," replied the travel agent, taking another swig from his bottle.

"Will we get our money back if we cancel?"


"Why not?" asked Roy.

"Because," replied the now thoroughly exasperated (and slightly tipsy) travel agent, "your travel insurance doesn't cover neurotic numpties frightened out of their wits by hysterical BBC weather forecasters telling porkies."

"Oh, okay. Why would the BBC tell lies?"

"I couldn't possibly say, Sir."

"Well, I guess we could risk it. It's the wife who watches the BBC, not me. She does tend to overreact a bit. She made me cancel our holiday last year because the BBC said Rome was flooded. So we went to Bridlington instead. It blew a gale the day we arrived and a tree fell on the car. We had to come home on the bus because the trains weren't running on account of the wrong kind of leaves falling on the line."

"I'm very sorry to hear that, Sir."

"To be honest, I'll be jolly glad to get away from this awful weather. We've not had much of a summer in Esher I can tell you. When it's not raining cats and dogs it's freezing cold and blowing a bloody gale. So I don't think we'll be cancelling after all."

"I'm delighted to hear it, Sir. Have a nice rest of the day now." The travel agent winced as he put down the phone with a crash. He drained the rest of his bottle of Aldi Glen Marnoch Highland Single Malt in one gulp and announced: "If any more nutters ring up to cancel tell them I've got a migraine and won't be in the office for the rest of the week."


Those of you who are not hiding under a duvet may have noticed that the climate change cult has gone nuclear over the past two years. You may also have noticed that our damp and windy British weather stubbornly refuses to cooperate. Unsurprisingly, this inconvenient pachyderm on the promenade is invisible to the lunatics who are pushing their 'We're All Frying Tonight' propaganda for all it's worth. And believe me, it's worth a mint. I'll come back to the part filthy lucre plays in the Nut Zero cult later. In my neck of the woods we normally get the mower out in late February. This year it was May before the lawn got a haircut. Well, more of a massacre really. We've had so much rain since last October that by the time the deluge finally petered out at the end of April, the grass was so high we could barely see over the top of it. When it wasn't raining it was cloudy. The odd bit of brightness that did appear could easily have been mistaken for a bloke with a very big torch trying to find his dog in the dark. We're into June now and it's still raining and still freezing cold. The icing on the climate cake is the new solar 'farm' in our neighbourhood. It's interesting that these ugly monstrosities are called 'farms'. The Nut Zero brigade play the same trick with wind 'farms'. Neither of these foul blots upon the landscape has anything to do with farming. But 'farm' sounds so much cuddlier than 'factory' doesn't it? If you're one of those people who think wind farms are the best thing since sliced bread, here are a few facts to chew over.

A study from 2016 found that at a single location in California, wind turbines were killing over 1,000 birds of prey every year, including more than 60 golden eagles, the American national bird. In Spain, a small wind farm with just 32 turbines that began operating in 2020 kills a vulture every three days. Bats are not immune from the bird slicers either. North American studies estimate up to a million bats are killed every year by wind turbines. A German study concluded that each turbine kills an astonishing 70 bats in two months. These are probably all underestimates as there is no obligation on wind farms to count the birds they kill. Why would they? It would be like turkeys voting for Christmas. It gets worse. The silence of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is deafening. It's probably just a coincidence that wind farms subsidise these hypocrites! This is the organisation that kicks up an almighty stink if a farmer is even suspected of shooting a hawk, yet they shrug their shoulders at the wind industry's vastly greater slaughter. But don't take my word for the devastation caused by wind farms; do your own research. But make sure you avoid the mainstream media unless you like listening to lies. You might also want to look into what happens to wind turbines when the toxic parts they're made from wear out. I'll give you a clue — they're not recycled.

The 'electric battery factory' near us consists of countless rows of solar panels stretching further than the eye can see. You could fit a hundred Wembley Stadiums into it and still have room to spare for an Olympic village. These monstrosities need lots of lithium batteries to store the electricity they generate. The snag with that, as some of you may have heard, is that lithium catches fire rather easily. In January this year a warehouse containing thousands of lithium battery packs caught fire in Rouen, in France, causing a massive explosion. More recently, several electric buses spontaneously burst into flames in London. Four more mega solar farms are going to be built in our neighbourhood on land that presently grows food crops. Now here's the really bonkers thing. As this winter has shown, it rains an awful lot in England. It was raining yesterday. It's raining today. I will probably rain again tomorrow. One thing we don't see much of is Sun. I was used to seeing it shining from a clear, blue sky almost every day in Italy. Every single day I've driven past the local solar farm the Sun has been in bed and it's been raining. Does rain turn into electricity when it hits a solar panel? Ask the lunatics behind Nut Zero and the Climate Change hoax.

Perhaps money is the motive? I said we'd get back to the filthy lucre later. The solar panels blighting our countryside are all made in China. We pay the Chinese billions of pounds to make them and more billions to ship them to this damp and dismal island. What do the Chinese do with the money? They use it to build more coal-fired power stations in China. You couldn't make it up! It gets worse. In January 2023 the UK Net Zero business was worth more than £70 billion. The European Commission estimates that Net Zero technology and jobs will be worth over £500 billion by 2030. There are currently over 1,500 solar farms in the UK. On average, each farm costs about £1.5 million to build. Typically £25,000 of this goes to the landowner as a one-off payment. Let's call it a bribe, because that's exactly what it is. In addition, the landowner is paid an annual rent of £20,000 to £30,000 for the lifetime of the farm. The industry benchmark lifetime is between 25 to 30 years. The average farmer typically earns about £50,000 a year. Out of this, he or she has to pay costs of between £25,000 to £30,000. The incentive to stop farming and rent the land out is a no-brainer. To put all this into perspective, according to DEFRA (the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs), total income from farming in the UK was under £5 billion in 2022. Five billion set against £70 billion! More than ten times as much! As ever, the wise advice to 'follow the money' provides the answer to what is really driving Nut Zero.


Meanwhile, let's look at all the other reasons why convincing us we're all frying to death is so very important to the Nut Zero brigade. Have you noticed how in the last couple of years really not very unusual weather events have suddenly acquired important, scary names drawn from the mythological flames of hell? After Inferno Iblis and Bonfire Beelzebub, get ready for Heatwave Hades and Conflagration Cerberus. If the current weather in Britain had a name it would be Karen. You can be damn sure that the change in weather maps, from the soft, pastoral greens and limpid yellows we used to see through diabolical reds, to bruised purples and scary black is no accident, as the scary Met Office map shown above proves. All to make us stay at home, preferably cowering under the duvet. Are people really cancelling their holiday plans like my fictional dipsticks Roy and Rita because of the "truly terrifying conditions" in Europe? Or are they, like me, longing for the day when they can finally ditch the umbrella and wellies, jump on a jet and replenish their stocks of Vitamin D on a sunbed on a Greek island?

There is something horribly familiar about all these apocalyptic warnings of catastrophic consequences if people don’t act. "Temperatures across the Mediterranean are the highest ever recorded since records began." Since they installed a thermometer next to the runway at Rome airport, they mean. Or since they started computer modelling and ditched weather observation. Or we're told that "travellers are warned that medical and health services are strained to breaking point in Greece because of the raging wildfires." Ah, yes, that's the stuff of which climate change nightmares are made. I knew we'd heard it all before: "Stay At Home, Save the Planet, Support Net Zero." It's almost as if the same people who scared the pants off us during the panicdemic, terrorising people into obeying rules that would shame a village idiot, were at it again. The slippery 'Behavioural Insights Team' (BIT), spun out of the UK Government Cabinet Office during the covid years, is now in cahoots with the usual corporate crooks and global shysters to ram the message about climate change home. Be afraid; be very afraid.

In 2021, researchers at BIT in collaboration with Sky TV reported that "behavioural change on climate can be driven by TV." The report showed that 1 in 3 people in the UK had changed their lifestyle because of what they'd seen on the telly. The researchers also found that 70% of Europeans are willing to change their behaviour to address the climate crisis. I'm not surprised. My next-door neighbour is the living proof that most people are idiots. He recently bought himself an electric car because the BBC told him it would save the planet. What BBC didn't tell him is that it takes a hundred eight-year-old Congolese kids digging cobalt out of the ground to make his car battery. Most of them will never reach puberty. They die long before that from lung disease, typhoid fever and cancer. Which proves you can't fix stupid as the American meme says.

Meanwhile, swivel-eyed reporters from the BBC crisscross Europe like demented ants in a desperate search for even scarier news. Two sweaty tourists interviewed at the Trevi Fountain in Rome agree that the weather is "unbearably hot." If it's so bloody unbearable why aren’t the muppets back in their Easy hotel room with a wet towel wrapped around their heads and the aircon going at full blast instead of happily licking their pistachio gelato and soaking up the rays?

You don't have to be a climate change sceptic to find something deeply sinister in the idea of broadcasters plotting to manipulate the public into reaching "our collective Net Zero goals." Whose goals, exactly? They're not my goals. Perhaps they're yours? Why is no one questioning these goals? After the disastrous impact of its sickening covid propaganda on the mental and physical health of the people of this country, a period of embarrassed silence would be welcome from BIT, or the Government Nudge Unit to give it it's proper name. Yet, here they go again with their devious propaganda; their callous exploitation of our human weaknesses and fears, their sneaky, slippery sleight of hand. There is no other word for this mental manipulation than pure evil.

If you still think our Government means well and only has your best interests at heart, ask yourself why the Foreign Office has updated the Greece and Spain sections of its website, adding an 'Extreme Weather' section telling us all how to stay safe during heatwaves. Why the Greeks and Spaniards manage not to fry every summer is apparently an insoluble enigma to the Foreign Office. Of course, the Nudge Unit never mention this inconvenient elephant in the sauna. To do so would bring their entire house of dog-eared climate cards falling to the ground. If, like me, you saw through their lies in connection with covid, you cannot be in any doubt that the same game is being played again. It's clear to me that sunshine is yet another weapon in the war to get us to mend our ways to achieve the Government's Net Zero goals.

burning up

Well, this lady is not for burning on the funeral pyre of Net Zero. They can shove their evil propaganda where the Sun don't shine! We have all been shamefully mistreated by our lords and masters, criminally misled by climate 'models', beaten over the head with dodgy 'hockey sticks', cruelly manipulated and horribly hurt by unseen forces, and now this wily bunch of Net Zero cultists think because they got away with it last time we will roll over again and do as we’re told.

No, no, NO — we won't! They have over-played their hand this time. Their lurid weather maps and hysterical pronouncements of imminent doom to get us to cancel our summer hols is not going to wash. Rebellion is stirring. Worms are turning. We shall fight the evil Nudgers on the beaches. We shall fight on the seas and in swimming pools. We shall fight in the flaming fields and in the sunny streets, we shall fight them on the hot hills. We shall defend our fortnight in the sun, whatever the cost may be. We shall never surrender our hearts and minds to them!

© Copyright Gabrielle Annunziato & All rights reserved.
Published 9 June 2024.

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