Homeward Bound

Three inspirational poems by Mason Warden

Introduction by Occult Mysteries

It gives us great pleasure to publish the following inspirational poems sent to us by a new reader—the first we have ever received from a contributor. We hope they may embolden other budding poets to consider submitting their work to us for the benefit of all our readers. We feel sure that the author's sentiments and the manner in which they are expressed, will resonate with many seekers after Truth and encourage them in their own journey on the Royal Road to Freedom and Liberation.

The Chosen Few

We are the doomed ones, the lonely few.
We are they who would brighten the light,
Who would abandon the darkness.
We are the warriors of our hearts,
The peasant kings, the philosophers.

We will bear the burden of the heavy shadows,
That the love within us shall never die.
We are the lowly, the downcast.
Those who would not shirk the duties of life.
We are the serpents who leap from the trees,
Longing for wings to carry us to the Sun.

We are those who are called.
We would wage the great battle for our souls.
We are the flames and the waters.
The earth and the sky are ours.
We will endure, through tribulation and suffering.
Through deception and falsehood.
We are the chosen few.
We will not yield.


Wake up!

Wake up, O my child!
Put aside your fevered dreams
And open your eyes to the Sun.
Imperial in his celestial splendour,
He shines his warming light upon your eyelids.

Feel the cool grass, padding your back
And swaying gently by your side.
The cool breezes caressing,
Wafting the smell of bright earth
Along their invisible train.
Shade dapples your brow
From the Mighty Tree at whose
Base you lie.

The warmth of Light and Love
Glows around you in heavenly Fire,
If you would but open your eyes
And look out upon the Peace.
Guard your thoughts from trouble and woe,
Straighten your mind,
Come back.

Back from the crooked and twisting mire.
Back from the black morass.
Throw away the broken
And breaking nothings you
Clasp so closely to your breast.

An angel sits, watching
From the branches high above,
Strumming his lyre and singing softly
Of Home and Light, of courage
Of wonder and magnificence.
Heed his words and wake!
Wake Up!


Homeward Bound

What would you do, adrift on a raft at sea?
Would you stare, beseeching the bare horizon
For sign of firm land or ship to aid thee?
Or wishing, wistfully for a time bygone?

Would you peer into the glassy, darksome depths?
Perhaps you'd dive in the inky, black abyss
And see how deep your strength would take you,
Ere breath fails, or limbs forsake you.
In the darkness, would you find Peace?

Would you float in the sunlight, wrapped in careless reverie?
Or with hope in your breast that none are forever lost?
Or would hope lay abandoned, encrusted in stale apathy?
As upon the waters, by the fickle winds you're tossed?

Or best of all, make straight your course Above
To emblazon your will on this raft and the sea.
Strike out with both hands your path with Love
And paddle away, to that Home where you may Be.

NOTE: You can find a complete list of all the articles written by our contributors on our Readers' Comments page. The painting used to illustrate these poems is Rembrandt's The Storm on the Sea of Galilee, dated 1633. In 1990 it was stolen along with 12 other paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Degas from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, USA, none of which have yet been recovered.


Poems © Copyright Mason Warden. Afterword © Copyright occult-mysteries.org.
All worldwide rights reserved. Published 21 December 2017.

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