The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Secret teachings of Jesus revealed


The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus is a facsimile of The Book of Sa-Heti by J. Michaud, PhD, which reveals the secret teachings of Jesus as they were taught by the Hindu Saviour Krishna. The author has taken the many incidents from the life of Krishna that were later incorporated in the New Testament and developed these episodes to explain and elucidate the hidden laws and principles of man and the universe.

According to the Puranas, Krishna, or Chrishna-Jeseus, to give him his full name, was born in 3228 B.C. in the city of Mathura, in Northern India (the modern state of Uttar Pradesh), and he died in 3102 B.C.—which latter date coincides with the commencement of the Kali Yuga, or "Black Age", whose horrors we are now suffering. We add these few biographical details for completeness, not because we necessarily agree with them.

Like all the Great Messengers who have blessed this earth with their Holy Presence, the life and teachings of Krishna have been greatly distorted, misinterpreted and misrepresented over the many centuries that have passed since he brought his Message of Light and Liberation to mankind.

Here you will find the Sublime Occult Truths revealed in all their pristine purity and radiant beauty. Truths which unveil the mysteries of Life and Death and the secrets of creation and evolution. It is for this reason that the book is almost completely unknown, for as Chrishna-Jeseus Himself says:

"The untutored mortal who seeks to read the Book of the Mysteries of God is blinded by its luminous pages...He turns his eyes to earth again, to rest them; but lo! the sockets are empty, and the mind is burnt to ashes."

How true these words are! There will be many who will blindly skim through this sublime book, hoping to pick up some occult "secrets", and quickly pass on to more "thrilling" and "mysterious" writings. This book is not for them, for as St Paul said:

"For after that in the Wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe."

It is for those "that believe" that this Gospel was written, and to them we commend it as the record of the only true Messenger of which human history still has some dim remembered tales—Chrishna-Jeseus—the Holy Hindu Saviour and prototype of Christ.

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Below, we include the only press review of The Book of Sa-Heti that we have been able to find. This was published in The Occult Observer, Vol. 1. No.5, in 1950.

A New Occult Classic

A Holy Book has been written. The reviewer of the above work can find no simpler and clearer description than this and is fully aware of the significance of such a term, yet feels justified in considering that this work possesses such qualities.


The author has taken from the Vishnu Purana the tale of Chrishna Jeseus, Arjuna and Maia, actual names in these ancient scriptures, which became John and Mary, also the various episodes incorporated in the New Testament 3,000 years later, and developed these incidents in so sublime a language that the reviewer could not lay this work down until finished. The author brings such fire and power, such a blaze of beauty from a remote past, that the reader will again relive this enchantment and feel he has been blessed with a spiritual exaltation.

This is a work of great illumination; consistently inspired from first to final page. In wisdom and in vision, power flows from the mind as though it had been lifted up and the true mystical teachings revealed as when first given forth 5,000 years ago. All is living: the warm rainbow hues of ancient India, its birds and beasts and flowers: the evil and the good people; the astonishing magical battles; the holy and benign beings who teach the true wisdom and prophecy; the panoramas of the higher and lower realms; the various gates of the Paradises and the Hells. Again the great mystical teachings; unperverted, radiant with the truths like flaming jewels set in enamels and arabesques of words, to shine within the Higher Self and set it alight. Here is an intense spiritual adventure for the sensitive and a living loveliness for every kind of reader.

This is a royal book: as though the Lord of the high realm had inspired the writer to renew again the forsaken wisdom; the kingly teachings that are true teachings in these days of a planetary Gethsemane when the great truths are crucified, and the illuminated minds dwell within a long Calvary.

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This e-text facsimile of The Book of Sa-Heti was published on 5 August 2012.
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