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These five occult books describe and explain the true laws and principles of Occult Science


The following five books contain more real occult knowledge and truth than any others published in the last hundred years. They were all written by J Michaud PhD and published by the Uma Press, in London, between 1946 and 1950, and it is now very difficult to find any printed copies of them. For this reason we have re-published them ourselves in electronic format so that the present generation of seekers after Truth may have access to the elevated occult and metaphysical teachings they contain. In September 2021, The Golden Star — the second of Dr Michaud's occult books — was reprinted in a fine hardcover edition by an enterprising publisher in the USA. The same publisher reprinted The Teachings of Li Wang Ho in 2022. It is the avowed aim of the publisher to reprint all five books over the coming years, allowing a whole new generation of readers to study and treasure these inestimable jewels of occult wisdom. All five books are listed below in order of their publication. You can read more about the author and his books in the sidebar at right as well as elsewhere on our website.

The Golden Star: a Book for Initiates—by J Michaud PhD

Uma Press, London 1946. Hardcover. 323pp
Reprinted Nova Uma Press, London, New York & Amsterdam, 2021. Hardcover, smyth-sewn; 336pp. $30 (£21 / €25) net.
This book expounds the most ADVANCED OCCULT TEACHINGS, never before revealed to the public, yet in such a fascinating manner as to hold and extend the interest of the novice.



golden star michaud

Significantly subtitled "A Book for Initiates", The Golden Star is emphatically NOT a book for the lazy and inept. Nor is it an instruction manual in magic. Those seeking instant enlightenment, thrills and short-cuts to occult knowledge and power, will NOT find them in this book. Indeed, we may say that ALL those who are looking for the weird and fantastic in the mistaken idea that this is what constitutes occultism and magic, will be sorely disappointed by this book.

Those, on the other hand, who are seeking the pure Light of Truth, will find in The Golden Star Heavenly Treasure and Riches beyond their wildest dreams. The book begins with two Egyptian pilgrims, Ma-u and Ma-uti, watching a glorious sunset: "At one unforgettable moment the sun sent out five purple rays from between the massed clouds, which like a hand of benediction overspread the pair; whilst a path of molten gold stretched from Ra to them, as if inviting them to stride along that road to glory under His protecting hand. An invitation and Initiation into the Mysteries."

With the arrival of Neteru-Hem, 'A messenger from the Divine', the two seekers begin a spiritual journey, which is quite unlike anything else in Occult literature. Descending first into the 'Domains of Night', Ma-u and Ma-uti embark on a quest for knowledge under the guiding hands of Neteru-Hem. Each of the twelve chapters is prefaced by an inspired poem and associated with a particular precious stone. During their remarkable journey (which is also a series of Initiations), the two pilgrims are taught about the real nature of matter and spirit, electricity, atoms, energy and the true constitution of Man and the Universe. The many subjects covered include the inhabitants of the elemental kingdoms, psychism, clairvoyance, witchcraft, magic, spiritualism, occult symbolism, creation, evolution, cosmic consciousness and the hierarchy of spiritual beings who rule the universe under God.

Along the way, Ma-u and Ma-uti encounter scenes of terrifying horror, transcendent beauty and spiritual and material beings of all kinds—both good and bad, leading in the end to the very throne of God and an apocalypse of glory which it is impossible to describe in this short review. To sum up, this is truly "a book for initiates"—a refreshing refuge of peace and joy, and a radiant star of hope in this age of threatening darkness. Although copies of the Uma Press edition of 1946 are very scarce and expensive, a new, quality hardcover edition was published in 2021, at the modest cost of just £23 ($30), see note below.

* You can read this book at thegoldenstar.org or download a Free PDF. You can also purchase a new printed edition direct from the publisher.

The Teachings of Li Wang Ho—by J Michaud PhD

Uma Press, London 1947. Hardcover 133pps.
Reprinted Nova Uma Press, London, New York & Amsterdam, 2022. Hardcover, smyth-sewn; 133pp. $19 (£16 / €19) net.
This enchanting book contains the teachings of a forgotten ancient Chinese Philosopher of over 2,000 years ago.



the teachings of li wang ho

This is one of those very rare books in any age that can change your life for the better. You do not need to be an occultist or mystic to benefit from the teachings it contains. You do not even need to know much about philosophy or ancient Chinese literature. All you need are an open mind and a thirst for Truth.

The author has ably succeeded in conveying the subtlety, delicacy and refinement of the Chinese mind, now sadly corrupted by the so-called 'benefits' of our modern western 'civilisation'. At a time when an unhealthy miasma of materialism pervades the lives of so many Chinese—threatening to obliterate the Wisdom of its ancient Sages—the Light that streams from this jewel from the past brings a message of hope and solace for all.

In his introduction to the book, T'sai Ching enumerates the seven cardinal sins which prevent any apprehension of Truth and bar the path to enlightenment. This short list would provide enough material for a book on its own—such is the very great wisdom to be gleaned from a thorough and meditative contemplation of the truths it contains. If the judicious reader gets no further than these 'holy commandments', and diligently applies them to every aspect of his life, he will have already learned more than any 'self-empowerment' course or book can ever teach him.

The Teachings of Li Wang Ho are expounded in prose and verse; constituting a wafture of poetic perfection—true manna from Heaven—for all those who thirst for Truth and hunger for enlightenment. If you wish to truly serve humanity in an effective and appropriate manner, above and beyond mere sentimentality this book is for you. It is also for those who wish to become better persons in every way. But above all, the book will appeal to everyone who has sought in vain for authentic Teachings that provide answers to the great questions of Life and Being.

It is these latter readers who will appreciate the sublime heights of philosophy reached in these remarkable teachings. Heights that provide many clues to the mysteries of God; of good and evil, beauty and ugliness, Time and Space, and the workings of the Mind in all its varying combinations of ignorance and wisdom. But even if you are not this kind of reader, The Teachings of Li Wang Ho have the power to raise your thinking and change your life in many positive ways and directions.

There is enough practical wisdom of the right sort in this book to last anyone a lifetime. Whatever your beliefs, The Teachings of Li Wang Ho provide an inexhaustible and never-failing treasure trove of advice for every occasion that can transform failure into success, sorrow into joy, and ignorance into wisdom. Do you have enemies? Have you been abused or slandered? Do you suffer from anger, envy, grief or depression? Are you experiencing personal or relationship problems? Or do you perhaps long for Light, Beauty, Harmony, Peace and Joy? Then this aptly subtitled 'jewelled casket of everlasting flowers' will fill your heart and mind with the Divine Aroma of the blossoms of the Heavenly Realms.

You can read an e-text of this book here or download a Free PDF. You can also purchase a new printed edition direct from the publisher.

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The Quest of Ruru—by J Michaud PhD

Uma Press, London 1948. Hardcover 291pp.
This virtually unknown occult masterpiece is the true story of a seeker's search for Wisdom and Enlightenment in ancient India.


the quest of ruru

Reviewed by Theodore Baum

I read this book more years ago than I care to remember, and still vividly recall the first impression it made upon me. I was astonished, elated and filled with joy in equal measure. I could not believe that such a priceless treasure of Truth and Wisdom had fallen—seemingly by chance—into my unworthy hands. As I read on—utterly captivated—my mind soared aloft on the wings of sublime prose such as I had never encountered before. How was it possible that a mere mortal could have written such a book? Surely only an Angel of Heaven could have inscribed these golden words with the jewelled feather of two-fold Truth that adorns the brow of the Egyptian Goddess Maat!

Such then, were some of the thoughts stirred in me by my first encounter with this unique book. Since then, I have re-read it many times, and never fail to discover new truths within its adamantine leaves. This may seem overly florid and exaggerated praise to some, whilst to others my words will sound like the foolish flutter of unwelcome moths within the bony chambers of their darksome minds. But to those who know the taste of genuine things and recognise the fire of true inspiration, this book will be like a draught of clear, refreshing water—once tasted, never to be forgotten, that laves the thirst of mind and heart with Divine nectar.

To read the author's descriptions of the glories and mysteries of Nature as they unfold themselves to the entranced eye of Ruru—the Initiate-to-be—is to enter into communion with the highest truths the mind of man is capable of comprehending. We behold scenes of unparalleled glory, painted in gorgeous colours with the brush of poesy. We encounter the best and worst of men and women, and every stage in between these two extremes. We sit at the feet of the wise and not-so-wise and hear again the teachings of the holy books of ancient India, together with the strange customs and superstitions of the common people, which too contain much practical wisdom, if we have the wit to recognise it when we encounter it.

You can read another review of this book by an appreciative reader elsewhere on our site.

Symphonie Fantastique—by J Michaud PhD

Uma Press, London 1949. Hardcover 101pps.
Nothing quite like this most unusual book, subtitled a 'Diablerie in Four Movements or a Symphony in Words', exists in occult literature. Nor do we know of any books in which the sincere seeker after Truth may find the answers to the great mysteries of life and death explained with such simplicity and clarity.


Symphonie Fantastique

Although the author was an accomplished musician and the narrative closely follows the structure of a classical symphony of four movements, Symphonie Fantastique is not a book about music, but Spiritual Enlightenment and Liberation.

The story is set some 427,000 years in the FUTURE, at the close of the Kali Yuga or 'Black Age', and describes the final battle between the Powers of Light and the forces of darkness which will usher in the 'Golden Age' longed for by so many mystics.

Many of the occult truths you will find in this book have never been so openly stated before. Nor are they more vitally needed than today, when the world is in the grip of wars, disorder and despair and thinking people are seeking answers to the great mysteries of life. This book provides these answers in the form of the shining jewels of the wisdom of the ages; heavenly treasure that all may freely partake of according to the strength of their thirst for Truth and their capacity for understanding it.

The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus—by J Michaud PhD

Uma Press, London 1950. Hardcover 244pps.
This book is about the life of Krishna—the Holy Hindu Saviour and prototype of Christ. It was first published by the UMA Press in London under the title of The Book of Sa-Heti and is now almost unobtainable in print. We have now made it available to our readers for the very first time on the Internet.



This rare occult biography of the life and teachings of the Holy Hindu Saviour, Krishna, reveals the secret teachings of Jesus with glittering power and great beauty. The author has taken the many incidents from the life of Krishna that were later incorporated in the New Testament and developed these episodes to explain and elucidate the hidden laws and principles of man and the universe.

Like all the Great Messengers who have blessed this earth with their Holy Presence, the life and teachings of Krishna have been greatly distorted, misinterpreted and misrepresented over the many centuries that have passed since he brought his Message of Light and Liberation to mankind.

Here you will find the Sublime Occult Truths revealed in all their pristine purity and radiant beauty. Truths which unveil the mysteries of Life and Death and the secrets of creation and evolution. This book is an intense spiritual adventure for the sincere seeker after Truth and a treasure-trove of wisdom and comfort for every kind of reader.

To sum up: a Holy Book has been written, as one critic declares; as though the Lord of the high realm had inspired the writer to renew again the forsaken wisdom; the kingly teachings that are true teachings in these days of a planetary Gethsemane when the great truths of Life are crucified, and the minds of mankind dwell within a long Calvary, longing for liberation.

In addition to the five occult books reviewed above, Dr Michaud wrote a few short stories during his lifetime, all of which we have published (see note about this in the sidebar).

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