The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 4 — Appulse of Crises

39 — The Chapter of the Kali Yug

A-UM !

1. And as they stood there, awaiting the advent of bright Surya, so eloquently worshipped by Arjuna, the Disciple Isha spoke unto the Lord, asking Him:

2. 'Thou hast, beloved Master, made reference to the Kali Yug, but what is its inner meaning, and how many years will its duration be?

3. 'For we are all sorely perplexed, and seek enlightenment, who would embrace true Wisdom, dispelling the clouds of ignorance, and thus being prepared for that which we shall have to know and do'.

4. And Urja, Vasu, and the others, and the six female Disciples, they all joined in Isha's plea, praying Chrishna for instruction.

5. And the Lord beheld his eager Disciples with approval, for those who seek for the Light and the Truth sincerely: will find;

6. But it will be concealed from the merely curious, or the scoffer, or those whose minds are filled with the dust of earthly thoughts alone—for the Light is not for the offspring of iniquity and sloth.

7. Bewildered are such by the bonds of the senses, and their inner light is like unto the feebly smouldering wick in a lamp lacking the oil of the higher intelligence, though they often consider themselves shining flambeaux of learning, and think they are very wise.

8. So the Lord spoke, teaching his Disciples that which would come to pass: for such was the Will of the great Gods who in their omniscience fix the Cycles of Light and Darkness;

9. Using ignorant, lowly men as their tools, so that they may deserve their fate by their own wilfulness, and reap their harvest of equivalent numeration.

10. For though the Gods place heavy burdens upon a man, to test the merit of his inward golden essence, and the strength of his mind under adversity:

11. It is every man's prerogative to make just answer and reply, or not—and his future life is in his own fumbling hands, which may acquire strength if he reacts in such a way that his burden will be lightened on account of his merits' compensation.

12. And the Lord spoke, saying, 'When I am gone, unbridled monarchs and despotic rulers will reign upon the earth, with the aid of evil followers, who will lead their overlords by precept and suggestion.

13. 'There will be kings of churlish spirit, violent tempers, ever addicted to falsehood and ruthless deeds; strangers to truth and mercy, and this same Falsehood will be the emblem on the standards of authority.

14. 'They will inflict death upon women and children, and upon all the innocent of heart, whom they will drape with the cere-cloths of suspicion and regard as bitter enemies, and fear them deep within their carrion hearts, as the owl feareth the light and flees from it.

15. 'They will lay the burden of unbearable taxes and confiscations upon their subjects—but their ministers will be exempt, and thrive for a while under their incompetent and ruthless masters.

16. 'These kings and rulers will be of limited power, and will, for the most part, rapidly rise, dictate, and fall; often to their own astonishment: for the man of evil mistrusts his destiny.

17. 'Their lives will be short, their desires insatiable, and they will come to sudden and violent ends; they will formulate and codify new laws to ensure the dominance of their brief ascendancy.

18. 'They will boast overmuch and promise many good things, to fool the impotent masses who will hail them with the bias of ill-judged delight, and raise up against all good and noble men, usurping their freedom of thought and rightful act; for the superficial of mind detest the profundity of pure thought and actions:

19. 'So that the barbarian hordes, being now powerful under the patronage of the new rulers and princes, will for a short spell of time exist in riotous splendour; sit in the saddle of the whirlwind steed, and steer the rocking coach of the unstable tempest, and wiser ones will be deposed peremptorily, so that they shall perish and make place for the illiberal mob.

20. 'Goodness and piety will decrease day by day, flaring up to flicker on occasion for a short space of time, but flutter out again anon; and the true nobility will come to poverty, and die, until the world will be wholly reinless and depraved.

21. 'Then, ill-gotten property alone will confer rank; and stolen wealth will be the only object of devotion, and its source—though such wealth will vanish overnight, leaving but the ashes of regret, to which the spoilers will react with violence, and wreak their vengeance on the helpless ones anew.

22. 'Passion will be the sole bond of union between the sexes; falsehood the only means of success in litigation; and women will be objects merely of sensual gratification, and they will react to shiftless men likewise.

23. 'Earth will be venerated only for its mineral treasures, but its beauties will be despoiled by rapacious men in the name of cheap expediency; and those responsible for such ill deeds will be utterly ruthless and devoid of any appreciation of that which the Gods have created for the delight and instruction of all men; and they will rape the countryside on the lying plea of this being for the common good: this being the warrant of unlicensed, bold proscription.

24. 'The priestly cloth will constitute the hireling priest, without true calling: having no knowledge of the Wisdom of the Holy Truths.

25. 'Dishonesty will be the universal means of smooth subsistence; robbers will thrive: weakness be the cause of frangible dependency; menace and presumption will be substituted for nobility of learning, and all good manners will pass away and be forgotten by the illiterate multitudes.

26. 'Prodigality will take the place of true devotion; mutual assent will be marriage; fine clothes will be dignity.

27. 'The people, unable to bear the heavy burdens imposed upon them by their avaricious masters will take refuge among the valleys and forgotten places;

28. 'And will be glad to feed upon wild honey, herbs, roots, uncultivated fruits, and even leaves and flowers; their only covering will be the bark of trees or the skins of animals slain, and they will be exposed to cold, and wind, and burning sun, and rain.

29. 'Human life will become shorter as the ages pass away, so that in the end a man of three-and-twenty will be old, and die. (*see side bar note)

30. 'Thus, in the Kali Age, the Age of Darkness, decay will constantly proceed, though slowly and almost imperceptibly through the many centuries, until the human race approaches its annihilation.

31. 'But the Cycles of the Gods are great Cycles, and so the Kali Yug will run for 1200 divine years; or, 432,000 years according to the reckoning of man.

32. 'When the practices taught by the Vedas and the Institutes of the Law shall have nearly ceased, and the close of the Kali Yug be nigh, then I shall return, and I shall be known as the Kalki Avatara, the Lord Vishnu personified, whose divine Decrees I will then enact once more.

33. 'By the irresistible Power of the Lord Vishnu I shall destroy the blasphemers, and thieves, and murderers, and all those men whose minds are slaves to grievous sin.

34. 'Then—you, my true Disciples and I shall meet again on earth, and together we shall re-establish righteousness within this world:

35. 'And the minds of those who live at the end of the Kali Age shall be awakened, and shall become as pellucid as pure crystal.

36. 'The men who are thus changed or liberated by virtue of that peculiar time's renewed stability shall be like unto refined Seeds of human beings, and shall give birth to a race which shall follow the Laws of the Krita Age—the Age of Purity.

37. 'And when the sun and moon, and the lunar asterism Tishya, or Pushya, and the planet Jupiter are in one mansion, the Krita Age shall commence'. (*see side bar note)

38. And as the Lord thus spoke to his Disciples about the Kali Yuga Age, it was as if the personification of the spirit of evil roamed in the air; and the minds of Chrishna's listeners were harrowed by great apprehensions.

39. With the aid of the inner eye they beheld a fierce goddess, who, like the bloodlusting consort of Siva was hovering, black-tongued, like unto the seventh tongue of Agni, and ready to swoop down upon the holy offering.

40. They saw a vision of her who became in later days the goddess Kali, the many-armed, weaving in the stagnant air her cruel-fingered hands; each gesture a magic spell of deep malignity.

41. Skull-rosaried is she, the grim symbol of total fiendishness, mysterious and concealed; enraptured by the torments inflicted upon her slaves.

42. Passion-teethed is she, and lustful for punishments, and of hate-engendered murder and bloody sacrifice: a sluice of tears her welcome bath.

43. Brazen-lipped she shakes her moonshaped curves, so that with burning passions her night-scared minions may be destroyed.

44. Thus, she spins her hempen spell of toxic abominations with which to snare the weak-in-goodness as a pleasing immolation on her ever ready altar of Satanic sin.

45. It seemed as if the portals of the underworlds were opened wide, revealing dumbly crawling shapes of ancient terrors and new affrights to come;

46. With distorted features, dismally glowing dimly in the boundless densities of the great Deeps;

47. Crippled with pain, entombed for long eternities, tremblingly enduring their sore ordeals.

48. And anon, the stones and rocks of the country-side were covered with the salamandrine luxury of lizards in the sinister torpor of the noon-tide's fire-smiting sun; their liveries are green, or black, or liver-coloured rusts: the symbol of distressful mendicant decay.

49. And before the Disciples' wondering gaze rose up a mouldering structure.

50. They saw the god-encarven walls of an ancient, ruined temple, the stones still potent with the odour of long-forgotten pleas and meditations;

51. With tears, and sighs, and longings, unslaked in the solemn twilight of serenely crumbling walls.

52. It was as if a world of anguish lay smouldering upon a sandal-pyre of spurned loyalties and false salvations.

53. The chanting priests have left long since, and silently the smoke streaks upwards in the scented air—and only ashes do remain of that which might have grown into a lovely garden of the spirit, for men to dwell in sanctity, awaiting greater life.

54. There were dejected sounds which shivered dismally in the still air; and they were like unto the plaintive call of the herdsman's pipe in the darkening woods which cloak the mournful hills,

55. Fluting for lost sheep the wolves have ravished, but fluting in vain; and the leaves of the trees shook in answer to that melancholy evocation;

56. And a great wind of tongueless voices cried sadly in the skies, so mournfully.

57. And in their imagination the Disciples saw, and beheld the coming of the Kalki Avatara at the end of the Kali Yug.

58. From everywhere the false ascetics came running out of their woods and caves to listen to his Message of Salvation, hoping it would be a Call to the Halls of the Black Master of Death, with which their minds had long ago attuned.

59. And with them came the men of the wilds, who sup on serpents and drink the blood of their victims, and eat the marrow of wild beasts,

60. And those who live on roots and locusts and devour raw flesh, thinking their beastliness would be a passport into a vampire's heaven.

61. But when that Lord did cast his eyes upon their savageness, their inner selves were burned to ashes, as fire burns up the log.

62. And the few remaining wise and noble ones, long-suffering in the darkness of that dreadful Age, knelt down at his feet of golden hue, and prayed for blessings and enlightenment.

63. Laying their hands with reverence upon the hem of his white-shining robe, blessing the Sun which illumines the whole of the Seven Heavens, seen and unseen, controlling the spheres of the planets and moons.

64. And Kalki Avatara spoke, saying, 'I am the Flaming Black Bull of Life in Light, and the White Lamb of Power and Wisdom; but I am also the shroud-covered White Bull of Death in Darkness to the wicked of heart!'

65. And the wise and noble heard, and knew Truth, and some of the mad ascetics that still remained dropped on their faces in unbelievable fear as the wise and noble cried out unto that Holy Messenger:

66. 'We listen to thy words, O Lord, and smitten are we all with longing for the incense of the Lodar Flowers which bloom within thy aromatic Paradise by the banks of the Holy River,

67. 'Where dwelleth the Black Bull, and the Lamb in white, full of Blessings, and goodness, and of a beauty never seen upon this woeful earth. Oh, thou Ocean of Mercy! Giver of Happiness! Saviour of the fallen who repent!

68. 'May our inspired Souls praise Thee for ever and for ever, and the melodies of our thoughts hymn thy Beauty, and Goodness, and eternal Wisdom'.

69. And the vision passed, and the Disciples beheld Chrishna regarding them with deep compassion;

70. For he knew what their Minds had beheld, and he sorrowed for the evils which would ride the earth, striding like wild horses who gallop across vast deserts with flaming eyes, stamping upon the helpless sod and making the earth to tremble with agonized anticipation.

71. And he spoke, and said unto them, 'The Great Light shall shine upon the desert sands and forsaken cities.

72. 'And the grey sands shall be covered with flowers, and the ruins spring up into purified life, renewed in utmost prosperity under the eye of the Lord.

73. 'And the prophets, and seers, and all the men of wisdom, shall behold again the glories of the earth—and turn their minds to Heaven!

74. 'Though the sword-girt lords of war shall range upon their errands of destruction, and smite the innocent—that they be liberated and rest in the wonderful realm of my mansion-strewed gardens,

75. 'Where the maidens shall dance the sacred steps before the flower-surrounded fountains, and comely youths shall smile upon it all:

76. 'Behold! The known and unknown shall be transcended beyond the thoughts of Man;

77. 'And the Silence of Peace be filled with the Dreams of God—made manifest in the mountains and the valleys;

78. 'The winding paths and the straight; the plains, and the rivers that glance therein, ravished with the sweet scents of the odorant waters.

79. 'Thus shall it be when the Kali Yug is ended, and I return again!'

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