The Illuminati

Who are the REAL illuminati?

Guest article by John Temple
In the second of his articles on the Search for Truth, occult writer and theologian, John Temple, dispels the misconceptions surrounding the 'illuminati' and attempts to discover what and who they really are.


In the first of this series of 12 articles I shared the story of 'Richard' with you and his search for a True Teacher who could set his feet firmly on the path to the Light. Those of you who have read it will know that he encountered many charlatans in his search; some obvious, some less so, none of whom were able to provide him with the answers he sought. It took much time, considerable groping in the dark and not a few wrong turnings and descents into various rabbit holes before he found the One Light of Truth. This demonstrates the truth of the well-known but little understood occult maxim: "when the disciple is ready, the Master appears." Moreover, it takes considerable experience, determination, faith and courage to recognise a True Teacher when we encounter one, as we may read in The White Brother by Michael Juste as well as in Serpents of Wisdom by Edda Livingston, both available to read on this website.

The fact of the matter is that we cannot hope to recognise a True Teacher or the True Teachings until we have learnt to discriminate without fail between truth and falsehood, spurious glamour and the plain, simple and unadorned Wisdom of the Ages taught by all the great Teachers and Messengers from God to Man. This, then, is the purpose of this article, to point out the differences between facts and fantasy, half-truths and downright lies which surround the subject of the mysterious 'illuminati'. Are they an evil conspiracy of bankers, businessmen and politicians—the so-called 'New World Order', wicked black magicians, alien supermen, who are supposed to 'rule our lives' or something quite different?

Illuminati conspiracies

It has always seemed ironic to me that those who, for reasons best known to themselves, promote the notion of an organised conspiracy of individuals hell-bent on world domination, see no contradiction in calling them the 'illuminati', when any good dictionary will speedily show that the word is derived from the Latin illuminatus, meaning 'enlightened'. Perhaps their semantic lapses may be excused given that 'enlightened' is now often coupled with pedestrian terms like 'self-interest', 'business practices' and 'media', the meaning of which have little if any connection with spirituality. Like many words derived from other languages, illuminati has lost much, if not all of the sublime meaning it once held in the minds of our wiser forebears. So very bad is the press which this word now attracts that it has become a synonym for all that is evil in mankind and in the world. Quite why (and how) this misconception has arisen is beyond the scope of this article. In passing, I would merely point out that this is not a unique case. Today, the words 'pentagram', 'magician' and 'secret' all have very different, and one might add, mostly negative connotations, to their original meaning. Much of this is due to ignorance, but much is also due to the nefarious purposes to which the occult and magical arts have been put over the centuries by unscrupulous men and women for their own, selfish ends. Yet, despite these etymological distortions, those who have even the most superficial acquaintance with Western and Eastern philosophy cannot be in any doubt that an illuminatus—that is, one who is truly enlightened in the spiritual and mystical sense of the word—is hardly likely to be interested in the manipulative and mendacious pursuits associated with the word 'illuminati' in the popular imagination.

All the great Spiritual Teachers of the past affirm that at best life on earth is a dream, happy for some, less so for others, and for some poor souls, a living nightmare, and that the real life; the life of the Spirit, is elsewhere. The great Poets have taught the same, albeit in different words, such as the well-known soliloquy from Shakespeare's famous 'Scottish Play': "Life's but a walking shadow; a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." If, as spiritually-aware, thinking individuals, we acknowledge the truth of such propositions, then the pursuit of material power, fame, riches, and all the rest of the chimerical desires of the worldly-wise must be the very antithesis of enlightenment—for they lead to darkness and not Light. Or, to put it another way, a genuine 'illuminatus' must be as far removed from the petty concerns of politics and commerce as the sun is removed from a guttering candle in a dank, dark cellar, otherwise he or she would not be an 'illuminatus' but an 'ignoramus.'

However important fame, wealth and the pursuit of power may be to some of us, and however inevitable their presence in this material world may be, all the wise philosophers, mystics and poets of the past agree that they must ALL fade away in time, for as Shakespeare tells us in another of his wonderful dramas: "...the great globe itself, Yea all which it inherit, shall dissolve, and, like this insubstantial pageant faded, leave not a rack behind." If this is true, and from Hermes to Pythagoras, and Buddha to Jesus, all the Messengers from God to Man have taught the same, then what possible attraction can these ephemeral illusions have for the truly enlightened—the real illuminati? Earthly power, whether it is wielded by a monarch, a dictator or a corporate mogul, is as nothing compared to the power contained in one atom of hydrogen, as science demonstrated all too clearly when the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. And if such power is locked up in just one tiny speck of matter, how much greater must be the power of those who rule and order the Universe under the Creator of All? It is the pursuit of the knowledge, rightly called 'Divine Wisdom', possessed by the Spiritual Beings who wield these powers, which has ever been the goal of all sincere seekers after Truth. That there have been, and are, men and women who have discovered fragments of this knowledge is a matter of historical record. Who has not heard of Simon Magus, of Paracelsus, and of H. P. Blavatsky? All were credited with performing so-called 'miracles', all were devout, humble individuals, who did their best to enlighten mankind and alleviate the evils of this world. None occupied thrones, or were remotely interested in fame, wealth or the pursuit of material, as opposed to spiritual power. Whether we choose to call them illuminati, and whether or not they belonged to secret societies, the fact remains that they were all illuminated in the best and highest sense of the word, and the Light that filled them came from God, not man.

The teachings of the Illuminati

Whether the members of the Illuminati movement founded by Adam Weishaupt in the 18th Century were illuminated in this same sense, or were motivated by 'enlightened' self-interest, is not for me to say, and forms no part of this article, which is intended to dispel the misconceptions surrounding the word 'illuminati', and to attempt to discover what it really means. Those of you who are interested in this movement and its various offshoots can find plenty of information about it in books and on the Internet. Which leads me on to a question many thinking people ask: 'are there any books which reveal the teachings of the illuminati?'

To which my answer is a resounding 'yes', always assuming we are talking about spiritually enlightened men and women and not a secret cabal of dodgy financiers, shady arms dealers and mendacious politicians who like to dress up in weird 'occult' costumes and conduct bizarre rituals in secluded Swiss châteaux to further their alleged evil ends! I happily leave the investigation and discussion of all such colourful characters to those writers who have a liking for that sort of thing. There have been a number of books published during the last two centuries which, in my personal opinion, provide true portraits of the real illuminati and the great occult truths they have revealed to the world. Among these are Bulwer-Lytton's classic occult novel Zanoni, and the two books I mentioned in my introduction, The White Brother by Michael Juste, and Serpents of Wisdom by Edda Livingston. In addition, there is a very fine portrait of a truly great Master to be found in The Golden Star by J Michaud PhD, in the form of the Divine Messenger 'Neteru-Hem' who initiates two occult students—Ma-u and Ma-uti— into the Sublime Occult Mysteries. All these books are not difficult or costly to obtain.

But it is not necessary to be a teacher of the Eternal Verities to belong to the real Illuminati—the illuminated ones! There are, and have been many men and women throughout recorded human history who have brought the One Light of Truth to mankind. Some are well-known, such as Mozart, who brought the Divine Harmonies of Heaven down to earth to raise up the minds of all those who long for Light and Liberation, or Shakespeare, a truly God-like genius who enshrined the greatest occult truths in words. Nor must I omit to mention the many great Artists such as Michelangelo or scientists such as Einstein. Other illuminated men and women are wholly unknown, yet each in their own unique way, and according to their gifts, has contributed to bringing Light, Hope and Comfort to suffering humanity.

The real conspiracy


The real 'conspiracy'—if we must use that word—is the epidemic of pride, greed and selfishness which holds almost the entire world in its insidious grip. It is humanity itself, both in the mass and in the individual, which is building the totalitarian atmosphere which threatens to deprive man of his God-given freedom of thought and action. It is a silent, unconscious conspiracy which few talk about and even fewer think about. But this forms no part of my present discussion, though it is a subject that the authors of this website explore in several of their articles, most notably in 'How Peace leads to war.'

None of this is to say that there do not exist conscious conspiracies and conspirators pursuing various political, monetary and social agendas for their own selfish ends such as the global warming hoax. But is this news to any thinking person? To the diligent student of human history there have always been such opportunists, whether they were known to the public or simply pulled the strings of their marionettes from the shadows. To suggest, as some conspiracy theorists do, that there exists an organised movement on a world-wide scale that goes back to Adam Weishaupt and his illuminati, whose avowed aim is to usher in a New World Order of Orwellian despotism on a global scale, strikes me as both ludicrous and implausible. We have only to watch the daily news to see that the so-called 'movers and shakers' of the world not only rise and fall with monotonous regularity, but that they can rarely agree with one another about anything, much less establish the coordinated and cooperative consensus needed to organise and implement a New World Order. It seems to me that the only 'new' thing about this non-existent 'order' is the name! Unless, of course, you can point to any period of human history during the last few thousand years when the vast majority were not exploited, misled and manipulated by their so-called rulers? To call such money-grabbing, power-hungry nonentities 'illuminati' seems to me to be adding insult to injury!

I would rather apply this much-maligned and misunderstood word where it truly belongs; to those who are the true saviours and real benefactors of mankind I mentioned earlier. Those great men and women, both known and unknown, appreciated and unappreciated, who silently go about in the world with love in their hearts for all, drying the tears of the sorrowful, lifting up the downtrodden and oppressed, relieving those in distress and revealing the mysteries of the Creator and Creation to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. They are the REAL illuminati, the enlightened ones, the peacemakers, the light-filled children of God, and as such, I salute them!


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'John' (no relation)

About the author

John Temple is the pen-name of a writer who has studied and practised the occult sciences for more than 60 years. He graduated from Cambridge University with a first in Theology and Religious Studies and was ordained as a Minister in the Anglican Church in 1957. He left the Church in 1972 and has since lectured to students around the world on a wide variety of occult, religious and mystical subjects.

John retired in 2002 and now lives quietly in London with his wife, two Yorkshire terriers and a talkative African Grey Parrot called John, shown in typically meditative mood at left.

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