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A reader describes his eventful journey in search of Truth

Guest article by Greg Wade

Introduction by Occult Mysteries

The response to our article 'A word to those who lurk' greatly exceeded our expectations. So much so that we created a new webpage devoted to comments from our readers, which we previously only quoted highlights from on our About page. We hope this will encourage more readers to write to us, as well as bring comfort and support to those who feel they are utterly alone in their journey. As this heart warming letter from Greg Wade shows, we are never alone if we reach out in thought to our fellow travellers on the path to the Light.

I discovered your website over two years ago, and have been a regular visitor ever since. I can honestly say I believe I have read every article you have published at least once and some many more times than that, such is the value I place on the many enlightening subjects which you have chosen to write about. Upon first stumbling across your website I instantly recognised in it the Truth for which I had been searching for many years. Although—if I am really honest—I never knew exactly what I was looking for, I just knew there was something deep inside me which was driving me on to search for a deeper meaning and purpose to mine and everyone else's present existence.

I watched a documentary back in 2007 and had what I believe some people in the New Age Movement would term an awakening! Up until that point, I had always been interested in history and in particular the possible existence of advanced ancient civilisations stretching back into remote pre-history. But after watching the above-mentioned documentary I got led down a very deep rabbit hole, and after a few years spent reading many books, watching documentaries and YouTube videos and trawling through many websites and blogs I was entirely convinced that:

A) We lived on some kind of prison planet which was covertly ruled by elite groups/families who just loved to practice satanic worship and blood sacrifices and that their main objective was total control and world domination by culling off 90% of the world's population with the rest left to totally serve the needs of their sadistic masters.

B) That there are untold numbers of advanced extraterrestrial civilisations existing within our own Milky Way galaxy and beyond, and that many of these civilisations were actively involved in trying to liberate planet earth from the iron grip of negative groups of ETs which have been occupying this planet for a great period of time and who were the real controllers behind the above mentioned Cabal, Illuminati, New World Order or whatever name the conspiracy theorists have dreamt up this week.

C) I completely believed that a great planetary ascension process was currently taking place with the aid of positive ET groups and that in a mere short few years we would all be living in a technologically advanced utopia that was also completely at one with nature, courtesy of help from our new ET buddies and the release of suppressed free energy devices which have been withheld from mankind for the last 100 years or so.

In 2014 I even went as far as creating my own website which I gleefully emailed off to friends, family members or anyone who I thought might be remotely interested in the Great Awakening that was currently taking place. Thankfully it was also around this time that for some inexplicable reason I typed into Google the words Occult and Mystery or something to that effect and up popped your website and since then I can honestly say I have never looked back.

What then followed was a slow process of re-evaluation, whereby I had to cast aside a lot of what I firmly believed to be the truth at that time so that I could actually make room for the real seeds of Knowledge and Wisdom to be planted in my mind.

Having gone through the above journey it is easy to see why such a large portion of your site is dedicated to dispelling the many fallacies, falsehoods, and inconsistencies that cloud the mind of the average seeker. The Astral Conversations series, in particular, was a real eye-opener for me. For example, I used to regularly pay attention and give consideration to a large amount of so-called 'channelled' messages, and I was almost fully committed to travelling to South America to take part in some Ayahuasca ceremonies until I read Part 6 of the Astral Conversations series, so for this fact alone I am eternally grateful.

alice down the rabbit hole

I don't regret the above-mentioned excursion down said rabbit hole for as has been stated on your website it is only by walking through the darkness/twilight that one can appreciate and dwell in the divine radiance of the one true Light should one be able to recognize it as such.

In fact, it was by assimilating the many ancient facts and truths so clearly and expertly presented in your many articles over the past couple of years which inspired me to pursue a more formal and hopefully life long study of Occult Science through the Mystery School that you mention in your "Why study Occult Science" article.

I had thought many times previously since discovering Occult Mysteries of contacting you directly but it wasn't till I read "What it means to be a fool" and most recently "A word to those who lurk" that I finally built up courage so to speak, and convinced myself that I had possibly something worthwhile to say, and that a lot of other men and women are the same as me and have had similar searches for Truth, even though I have never met any personally. Yet it is reassuring to know that I am not alone in this search.


So finally I would just like to express my sincere gratitude to the authors for the great service you are providing to all genuine seekers and I pray that many more men and women will be led to one of the few safe harbours in a sea of uncertainty, confusion, and delusion which is rife within the current age of disinformation. I have tried to play some small part in dissipating the above-described errors in material thinking by recommending your website to others so they might also benefit from the sublime teachings of Occult Science.

I thank you for your time and I look forward to reading and studying any future articles which I have no doubt will be as interesting and uplifting as all the other great subjects you have chosen to research and write about thus far and I wish you all long life and good health so that your many loyal readers including me may benefit for many future years to come from the fruits of your labour.

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